Thunder and Lightning – By Cameron Heffernan

To make the Jordan/Durant comparisons now would seem to be a little premature, especially when we still haven’t seen LeBron or Wade’s best game. However this smooth cut to the basket and thunderous slam through Joel Anthony and Chris ‘the human raptor’ Bosh is quite possibly the sweetest and most Jordanesque thing we’ve seen, well since Jordan did it.

Here’s to hoping that Kevin Durant can continue his Thunderous ascension to the top of Basketball, not because the puns are so good, with the name Thunder but because it’s tiring watching LeBron wither in the Finals. Is it possible that LeBron may never win a Finals because he plays way to many minutes, and by the time he reaches the Finals, he’s to wiped out to really give it his, all and Bosh isn’t going to hit crunch time numbers and oddly enough, even though Wade is young, the way he plays has battered his body that he no longer is able to be the crunch time player he once was so everything rest on James’s shoulders will remain to be seen. For now i think it’s best to just recognize that we may be seeing the second coming of Basketball Jesus.

Oh, and Russell Westbrook did this.

and wore this, after a victory. Everything about what he is wearing just says CHAMPION!

so it’s not looking to good for the Heat.

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