A-holes and ghosts – By Cameron Heffernan

Cameron Takes a look at the show “Ghost Adventures” and how these guys seem to just make shit up as they go along and yell at walls. The show is a total load, but a funny load at-that.

“Ghost Adventures” is a show where three men, Zak Bagans, Nick Groff and Aaron Goodwin are total assholes to ghosts on the Travel Channel. In ‘Adventures’ these three men are “locked-down” in a supposedly haunted building, home or asylum and forced, well, they force themselves, to spend the night searching for any evidence of ghosts or paranormal activity in said haunted facilities. These guys aren’t your normal ghost hunters, or paranormal investigators, these guys are just total dicks to these “possible” ghosts. I should let it be known, before I get into this, that I don’t believe in ghosts and never will, but it sure as hell is really funny to watch these dicks yell at walls.

‘Adventures’ started in 2008 on the Travel Channel, much like the other paranormal investigation T.V. shows it had limited success, mainly due to the fact that searching for ghosts isn’t the most fun thing to watch on television, it is when it’s a fictional movie, but when it’s a reality based T.V. show it becomes very boring, watching people with “EMP” meters stare into the darkness and hope to pick up a reading.  “Ghost Hunters,” for example, doesn’t have anywhere near the redeeming qualities that ‘Adventures’ has at all, it always seems as if they’re trying to only de-bunk theories on ghost instead of trying to prove them. Where is the fun in that, I want these possible ghosts to be real and I want you to enforce this; not try and de-bunk it, why the hell would you just waste my time teasing me for half-an-hour until the final minute mark where they reveal that it was all bullshit.

‘Adventures’ on the other hand has no worries in terms of de-bunking the idea of ghosts being everywhere; because in ‘Adventures’, ghosts are everywhere and only Zak Bagans’ and the boys can see these ghosts that are everywhere. There isn’t a single episode where they don’t have some-type of experience that proves that there is paranormal activity wherever you go. Your using a Porto-potty at Cochella, guess what there’s probably a ghost in there. That B&B you and your girlfriend went to over the summer for your anniversary, that bitch has ghosts in it too. I think you get the point, there are ghosts in everything.

Bagan calls himself a skeptic in the opening credits; saying “I never believed in ghosts until I came face-to-face with one.”

Since Bagan has dumped his skepticism he now finds it much easier to call out ghosts like a playground nerd who finally mustered up the courage to call out the playground bully. Constantly Bagans’ antagonizes what supposed spirits he may be after. He also is very quick to throw his fellow cameraman to the wolves. Whenever faced with a challenge of staying in some type of dungeon or cavern for a few minutes Bagan, as some self-declared leader, demands that his cameramen, either one really, go into these places of terror. Look, as I said, I don’t believe in ghost, but I do on the other hand believe that being locked up in a morgue on a slab that hundreds if not thousands of bodies laid on is goddamn scary-as-hell.

This video will show an example on how much these guys are total douches, to not only ghosts, but too the people who watch this show and actually believe what they’re seeing is real. Zak is basically groped by a supposed ghost while in the Jennie House at Gettysburg. You see that, these a-holes don’t care if it’s American history there’s ass groping ghosts they have to investigate.

This video has a fantastic line in the beginning from Aaron Goodwin, cameraman extraordinaire, he says, “there’s a theory that ghost can’t travel over or through water,” Goodwin continues. “This theory is true, meaning all the ghosts on this island are still there.” What?! they’re freaking ghosts, they should be able to travel wherever the hell they want. Also,  They do some EVP crap and that stuff is always funny.

On that, I bid you adieu and if you are ever anywhere, always remember that there are probably ass-grabbing ghosts everywhere and all you have to do is yell at them obnoxiously and they may leave you alone.Mainly because  Ghosts aren’t real.

8 responses to “A-holes and ghosts – By Cameron Heffernan”

  1. Call bullshit all you want, these guys dedicate their lives to the paranormal.

    “Many skeptics and scientists are quick to call researchers in the paranormal field shysters, cheats, and profiteers. While there are certainly those types out there, many of us are trying to legitimately perform research in the same manner as traditional scientists. We seek answers through a scientific process of observation, theory, hypothesis, experimentation, and analysis.
    I think its unfortunate that skeptics and believers stand on different sides of the issue and point fingers at each other instead of working together to find answers. It’s even more unfortunate that skeptics only scoff at believers instead of offering solutions. The skeptic community doesn’t take the time to develop theories or take action to disprove the existence of spirits.They choose a passive approach of disbelief instead of scientific inquiry, which I would like to see change.”
    -Zak Bagans. The man you assume is an A-hole, whom, if you actually met him, is an extremely nice and honest guy along with Nick and Aaron.
    I suggest you do some more research instead of typing away and trying to critique a field of research you know nothing about.

  2. I think that before u judge those 3 great guys who work really hard and by the way .. they do find evidence… you should meet them and spend a whole night in a haunted place with them… then you will see that they are awesome ppl that love what they do and you will probably get out of there thinking to yourself: “WOW, I was a total dick to those guys when they were right all this time” and maybe you’ll have some respect for them and their job!!!

  3. I understand that they may not be assholes in real life, and I totally respect where both GACFanforever and Jonah are coming from in terms of that. In the show however, which is what I’m talking about, the characters they play are total asses to the supposed ghosts and on top of that I did do my research and most “Paranormal Reasearchers”, say theses guys don’t have respect for what they do, that they ” don’t do their research”, here’s a link to an example. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/08/12/ghost-adventures-crew-haunted_n_923851.html. Research into the paranormal is a total load and none of the research sites have any legit research. It’s always a second-hand account of something that happened to someone in some rural area of the United States or it’s someone wandering around a room with a guitar tuner that has a bunch of Christmas lights attached to it. Just because you apply some demented sense of the scientific process doesn’t mean it’s actually true, see with BS you may make up whatever you wan. I once believed in ghosts and things, but it wasn’t until I grew up that I finally realized that this shit is a joke. I don’t mean to offend anyone, I merely want to just point out the fact that this show is terrible, but in a hilarious way. I have watched every season of this show on Netflix and from time-to-time if it’s on T.V. the only reason why I watch it though is because GA is the only decent “Ghost” show that i can tolerate and my girlfriend likes it as well as her mom. I find it absolutely ridiculous though that anyone comes to the defense of a semi-celebrity especially since you don’t actually know them, you may have met them, but do you really expect them to be themselves when they meet fans? NO. They are going to act like upstanding citizens so they can keep you as a fan. I personally am tired of people talking about how great celebrities are when everything we see from them is a front and we’ll never know what they’re really like, we’ll only know what they allow us to know. Everyone thought that Chris Brown was this singing/dancing pretty boy like Justin Timberlake, but, come to find out, Chris Brown has a little temper on him, and has no problem beating women if he has to prove a point. And again , I don’t want you to take this as me insulting you, take it more as a. “hey I did do my research, and on top of that I have watched the show, I’m not calling the real people assholes, I’m calling their Character’s assholes, and, maybe just Bagans, cause as I said that guy always throws Nick and Aaron to the wolves.” Thank you for checking out the site, and thank you for your comments. It is much appreciated.

  4. The opinions are yours and yours alone. I respect your right to your opinion. I do believe in ghosts. There are good ones and there are evil ones. I have seen shows on tv where others have gone to the same exact locations. They have legit pictures of paranormal activity captured on film. But like those of us who have never believe in ghosts till we have experience it for ourselves. I hope your possible encounter changes your view. Good day. 🙂

  5. Funny really, given that I was a complete skeptic, hold a phd in metaphysics and the philosophy of science and yet at the ripe old age of thirty eight I experienced, while sober an occupied with research, neither tired nor strained in any way; the apparition of a young woman in a nineteenth century frock and gown who appeared by a dresser from the same period and wrote a letter (as far as I could tell) before fading from sight. She was as real as I am, at least as far as my senses could tell and yet she simply vanished after a couple of minutes. Prior to her arrival the temperature dropped in my office by six degrees (in summer in New Zealand where it is sweltering with humidity) and my perspiration grew cold on my skin. I am still skeptical but as with the gnostics of old, I am open to the unknown rather than denying the possibility of a round earth entirely. Still, you are also entitled to your viewpoint, one I espoused for many years until I experienced something I had denied the existence of. Perhaps you too will have a strange experience and have to swallow your pride one day? 🙂

  6. Tangible evidence. There is none. Period. Ghost adventures, like so many others, do what they do to make money and what they do is sell lies and fabricated stories as truth. Just wrong.

    Thanks for sharing this, though I would like to point out that the videos you include, one is now private and the other defunct do to YT account termination.

    • Thanks for the heads up. We’re just getting the site back running so some of the videos we had in articles have gone the way of either private or taken down all around. Glad you enjoyed the article.

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