Is it okay to like a team entirely based of their new colors?

As Cameron was looking through the NBA section of his favorite online stores he noticed that the New Jersey Nets had some balla new threads. This had him thinking, “Is it okay to buy another teams stuff, if they’re in the same division as your favorite team?”


The New Jersey Nets are now The Brooklyn Nets, they’ve changed their color scheme and seem to be taking on a new identity with the re-signing of Deron Williams, trading their mediocre assets for Joe Johnson and being the front runners in the Dwight Howard sweepstakes. The Nets have toiled in obscurity for the better part of the last six years. Vince Carter (2009) was the last of the decent players that made it to the Finals in 2002-2004 and Jason Kidd departed a year prior to leaving them with no real face-of-the-franchise type player.

With there new Identity came a new look and it is so old-school and gangsta it isn’t even funny. It’s one thing, and one thing only; classic gangsta. These new uniforms and merchandise are straight out-of-the mid ’90s; they would look more than fit gracing N.W.A album covers and most definitely could be a war flag in the East vs. West battle that began in the mid ’90s and took the lives of two of hip-hops most inspiring Emcees.

I mean just look at this hat (below), couldn’t you see something like that gracing the heads of each member of the Wu-Tang Clan.


Look, I’m a huge Celtics fan; I don’t really like the Nets but that hat is absolutely awesome, and the subtle black and white for the logo – although almost the same thing as the Spurs – is, as I said previously, classic gangsta.

Their shirts and other merchandise is also top-tier, but what else do you expect from a straight Russian-billionaire and Jay-Z.




Tell me you can’t see any of these in a Spike Lee film or any rap video from the ’90s on “Yo! MTV Raps”. I mean, you’re telling me you can’t see ‘Radio Raheem’ rocking one of these while he blasts “Fight the Power”?

As I said, I’m a huge Celtics fan, but these new-Nets colors and merchandise aretoo cool to stay away from. I hope the Nets have a terrible season, but that they’ll look great doing it.

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