Late to the Party: The Apple Store- by Dustin Brewer

Dustin takes a look at the technology of the future, as he visits a strange new store at his local mall.

As I walked through my town’s shopping center, I was overwhelmed with all of the amazing stores it had to offer. There was JC Penny, Mervyns, Tower Records and even a Borders, but all of these were trumped by what I found next. The logo suggested that I was going to some sort of produce market, but little did I know, the Apple Store was nothing like I expected.

It felt like I had transported to the future, there were tons of lights, tons of clear things and little keyboards that employees told me were computers. Of course I laughed at the idea, it looked nothing like the computer I had at home and I knew they had to be crazy to think there could be computers small enough to fit on your lap top.

They started by showing me something called an Ipod and it was awesome. Apparently, you can put music on these things, even though they have no place to load a cd. Some of these Ipods can hold up to 100,000 songs or something like that.

Next came something called an Ipad, it had a giant screen and I could make it move with my hands, there wasn’t even a keyboard! The employee showed me a game on the Ipad that made me consider getting an Ipad to replace my Atari. In it, you touch the screen and drag your finger along the screen to pull back a slingshot, shooting different colored birds at these little green pigs, in an attempt to make them pop. I can’t quite remember the name, I think it was “Pissed Poultry” or something similar, but it’s definitely going to be something to look for in the coming months.

Finally, they presented me with a phone small enough to fit in my pocket. They called it an Iphone and again had no buttons, just a touchable screen, and they told me it could do everything, I could send letters, open Pandora’s box and even call people. At first I wasn’t too impressed, but when I noticed that it didn’t even have a cord, I couldn’t believe my eyes and I instantly threw out my previous phone.

There was a big mural to Apple’s owner, a man by the name of Steve Jobs. He’s a great man doing great things, he’s really going to make a big difference on the world.

How much would you pay for such futuristic technology? $4,000? $3,000? Well, I was able to purchase all three of these amazing things and all I had to do was give them my car, my wallet and the shirt off my back. So get ready, because the future is coming, keep an eye out for one of these Apple stores and see what wacky things are coming soon.

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