R. Kelly and Batman- By Cameron Heffernan

With the release of the “Dark Knight Rises” just around the corner, Cameron takes a look at one of the more obscure and mind-boggling musical team-ups of R.Kelly and Batman, in the music video  for “Gotham City”, from the illustrious “Batman and Robin”.

In this video R. Kelly talks about the ghettos around America, how it’s hard for kids to realize their dreams, that there’s no food on his table, and how Gotham City is a city of peace and love; in no way is this song  about Batman and his crusade against crime, mainly just how R. Kelly sees the ghettos’ plight. This song was released on the soundtrack for one of the finest films of all-time “Batman and Robin” (sarcasm). This video is fantastic for a myriad of reasons. The fact that he’s calling Gotham City a peaceful and loving place because it has a “hero”, which is a blatant lie, you know because it’s a place that has one of the worst fictional crime rates, murder rates and escapees from the local asylum rates, is just ironically funny in it’s own right, the factor that R. Kelly  is singing in front of one of the greatest incarnations of the Batmobile just really ties the video together and the random snippets of Batman’s abs in the suit sprinkled in for good measure only too let you know that this is still a song on a Batman soundtrack.

If only Chris Nolan was wise enough to have had a soulful and sexy R&B singer like R. Kelly on the soundtrack in one of the two previous installments with his vision of Batman, then maybe he would’ve had a little more success along the same lines that Schumacher did with “Batman Forever” and “Batman and Robin”.

Side note: World wide box office, not counting the hurting “TDKR” is about to do on the box office,both Nolan’s film have grossed over $1.3 billion as opposed to Schumacher’s which worldwide grossed about $500 million. So as you can see that final paragraph was only a joke.

Cameron is an Editor and co-Creator at HefferBrew. He is a giant fan-man (see that, I’m no boy) of Batman and would love nothing more than those original four Batman films to be stricken from the record, maybe not “Batman” with Keaton, but the rest can go. Contact us at @HefferBrew on Twitter, like us on Facebook and contact us through email at hefferbrew@gmail.com. Thank you for reading.

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