Ad Men: The NBA’s jersey ads

With the NBA summer meetings winding down, David Stern and company have made a few changes including expanded replay and advertisements on jerseys. With this information coming to light Cameron takes a look at some advertising opportunities for teams.

David Stern has announced that “small patches” may be applied to the jerseys’ of teams in the Association, bringing a possible $100 million in revenue. The NBA also announced that replay will be expanded, but who really cares about that. Here’s a quick list of some possible and not so possible ads that could be featured on teams next season.

Coppertone Pro Series Sport presents the Phoenix Suns. Imagine Michael Beasley in his new threads featuring that goofy picture of the little girl with the dog biting at her diaper. A side note on that; is the dog biting at her diaper because she pooped in it, or is it some rabies ridden mutt trying to murder that poor girl?

Samuel Adams presents the Boston Celtics. Why not right? Boston is known for two things, Irish people, and Irish people drinking. No offense to the Irish, I am an Irish fellow, but that’s beside the point, put a Sam in the Leprechaun’s hand and call it a day.

Tampax presents whatever team Dwight Howard ends up on. Yeah, it’s a low blow at the best center in the game, but, whatever. He literally has been more indecisive than a woman on her period trying to decide what kind of fat-ass-ice-cream is going to satisfy her midnight craving. What incites this is the factor that Dwight’s agent said today that no matter where he goes he won’t sign an extension and no matter what, he will test free agency. All I’m saying is Screw this guy, at this point Orlando should ship him to the Bobcats for a plethora of players and let his ass dwell there for the year.

Those are only a few examples, and yes part of this was to say that Howard is an asshole, but HefferBrew hasn’t put that out there yet, and as creator of this website, which is only here to give the informed opinions on all things sports, entertainment and sports entertainment we want it to be known that no matter where Howard goes it should be known that his legacy is nothing compared to the greatest of all time, and he has only further tarnished it with his antics last year, this offseason and I’m sure the bullshit basketball fans are about to experience next year. #ShipHowardtoCharlotte

Cameron is an Editor and creator of HefferBrew. He’s always thought Dwight Howard was kind of a turd, and wants to get #ShipHowardtoCharlotte going, so go tweet it and let’s get a social media revolution going. 

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