You’re Doing It Wrong: Kristen Stewart- by Dustin Brewer

The Kristen Stewart cheating scandal has rocked Hollywood, Dustin for one is just surprised she’d throw such a good situation down the drain and takes a look at just how many problems there are in this debacle.

She’s built a career playing all sorts of characters; from the lifeless, monotone Bella in “Twilight” to the lifeless, monotone Snow White in the film “Snow White and the Huntsman.” But the role Kristen Stewart may be most known for now is homewrecker.

It has emerged that Stewart, cardboard cutout from the mega-popular “Twilight” film franchise has cheated on her boyfriend and “Twilight” co-star Robert “Sparkles” Pattinson. Hollywood and the endless hordes of fans were understandably blindsided by the news that the teenager equivalent of Brad and Angelina has been rocked by such a fiasco. While I’m not a “Twilight” fan at all nor a fan of any of the people involved, the details are a bit troubling, even to me.

Affairs are never the smartest thing because whether you like it or not, your significant other is always going to find out, ALWAYS. That’s not even taking into consideration the fact that she is the face of a billion dollar franchise and is currently listed as the highest paid actress on the face of the Earth. The point is, people are going to find out about affairs anyways, you really think a paparazzi-hounded young starlet is going to be able to fly under the radar?

It begs the question; what was Kristen Stewart thinking, cheating on Pattinson aka “The Face that Sent 1000’s of women and girls racing to the nearest Hot Topic” with her 41-year-old “Snow White and The Huntsman” director Rupert Sanders. Sanders I suppose is a decent enough looking guy, but that’s before you take into consideration the two children he has with wife Liberty. So not only did Stewart cheat on Pattinson, but now it’s likely that this marriage is caput as well because of the affair. Also, really? You’re dating one of the most sought after young men in the world and you decide a middle-aged, married with children director is more desirable? Clearly we may have made a mistake when we dropped those plum movie roles and truckloads of cash in her lap.

I’m not saying it’s all her fault, Sanders deserves just as much of the blame as Stewart and according to sources, Stewart describes it as a lapse in her judgment so it’s likely that Sanders instigated the whole thing. The reason everyone seems to be piling the blame onto Stewart is simple; her reputation is now shattered, it’ll be interesting to see how fans react seeing as Pattinson is almost a God amongst the Twi-hards. It’s hard to process that Stewart would feel compelled to cheat on someone with a reputation of being as nice as Pattinson seems to be but these things happen, especially with young Hollywood. The scandal also furthers the public image of her being uncaring and ungrateful towards the opportunities she’s been given, which could ruin her young career before it really truly even starts. She’s not nice which makes her even less attractive and her interviews make her seem like she’s trying too hard to seem disinterested in it all yet she’s got more money than I’m likely to see in my lifetime. Goddamn kids these days.

2 responses to “You’re Doing It Wrong: Kristen Stewart- by Dustin Brewer”

  1. I don’t really think the scandal will hurt Stewart’s career or the Twilight franchise. Her quick apology, seemed to deflect the blame off of her. Instead of everyone wondering if she did it, now everyone is focusing on Rob.

    You’d think all the fans, myself included, would be siding with Rob and grateful he is now single – but instead it seems like all the fans just want them to get back together.

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