Wait, There’s More?!- by Dustin Brewer

Detail after detail keep emerging regarding the Kristen Stewart/Robert Pattinson cheating scandal. Dustin takes a look at the new details and declares enough.

This Kristen Stewart scandal is getting out of control; we’re one Falcor away from turning this into the never-ending story.

Last week, word broke that Kristen Stewart had cheated on her “Twilight” co-star Robert Pattinson with her “Snow White and the Huntsman” director Rupert Sanders. Speculation ran rampant that Stewart couldn’t apologize enough to Pattinson in attempts to save their relationship as well as to begin repairing her now-tarnished image.

That was supposed to be it, everybody talks about it for a few days and magazine covers plaster it everywhere, but over time it goes away.

Except, it’s the scandal that refuses to leave, the relationship between Pattinson and Stewart hadn’t even been publically confirmed before the scandal broke. Now, the private life Pattinson and Stewart coveted has been shattered, there’s even stories about Pattinson and Stewart fighting for custody of their dog.

Moving trucks showed up to the house they shared and it was made public that Pattinson had kicked her out amid the scandal.

There were reports that Pattinson had given up his electronic cigarette to start smoking again, while Stewart has stopped showering and is just sitting around eating ice cream pining for reconciliation.

The newest addition to the saga is Stewart is now staying with “Welcome to the Riley’s” producer Giovanni Agnelli, which has Pattinson apparently furious because he doesn’t trust Stewart anymore and expects she’s cheating once again.

It’s at a point where dragging this out is just making it harder for any sort of happy ending to the story. If I was Pattinson, it’s likely I could never forgive Stewart if all I saw day in and day out was how she cheated on me and how devastated I was over it. Relationships are something that takes time and effort, in Hollywood “power couples” are held to a different set of standards and are forced to grow together and fall apart in the limelight, regardless of age. So it’s a shame that a couple who fought for some privacy, as ill-advised as it seemed, will have the goriest details of their relationship broadcast across the world.

This should be filmed and marketed as a fifth “Twilight” movie because honestly; the lies, deceit, allegations, affairs and drama is more suited for a summer movie than the love life of two kids who were once in love.

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