2K Releases 2nd NBA 2K13 Gameplay Video

Following the first gameplay video and the groundbreaking announcement of the playable “Dream Teams,” 2K Sports looks to continue to build excitement and anticipation for 2K13 with a new video highlighting more of how the innovative control stick will work.

The video showcases an even more polished character design as well as better demonstration of how the control stick will work.

This year, the designers set out to answer some of the loudest critiques from 2K12 and have revamped the speed of larger defenders. Whereas in previous games players could cut to the basket only to find Tyson Chandler jumping from 8 feet away to swat the ball away, this years’ installment looks to exploit size mismatches a bit more realistically.

They’ve also added more actual player movements, some of which are showcased in the video such as; Kobe holding the ball out behind him before making his move and Paul Pierce lowering his head and shoulder to create space to either drive or shoot.

Contact also seems to be integral to gameplay as well. Players can now use the control stick to either pump fake or draw the defender off their feet in order to get the shot up and draw contact. Contact dunks will also be featured prominently, as seen by cover man Kevin Durant at the end of the video over new Houston Rocket Jeremy Lin.

Each new snippet released seems to bring anticipation even higher and NBA 2K13 seems more than prepared to continue raising the bar and bringing the fan even closer to the court.

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