First Impressions of Counter Strike: Global Offensive – By Sam Accardo

After finally getting some time with the beta, Sam gives his first thoughts on the gameplay of the new Counter-Strike: Global Offensive on the eve of the game’s release.

Editor’s Note: Sam unfortunately wasn’t able to get this to us on time due to dog watching. Sam will however be bringing you a CS:GO review very soon. For now enjoy this first impression of the CS:GO Beta. 
One of the first things I noticed is how fresh the game looked. The classic maps (Dust, Aztec, and Office) have all been updated with new models, textures, and lighting. The weapons are all fun to use, (but I still miss screwing on a silencer to the barrel of my M4), and the new additions to the shotgun category are good choices in my opinion.
They have all of the maps you would expect to see, but the new additions of Baggage (a map in an airport warehouse-luggage center thing) and Shoots (a big shanty-town set in a middle-eastern setting) are fresh and fun.
But the thing I love most about the new CS:GO is that it feels like a new game. Now before you close your browser after reading such an obvious statement, here’s what I mean; I love Counter-Strike: Source. I played countless hours usually into the morning. But after 8 years, the game just feels a bit dated. The graphics could be improved and the gameplay feels a little light (play some CoD: Modern Warfare and then play CS and you’ll see what I mean). It’s still a great game, but with additions of new maps, new guns, matchmaking, and beautiful graphics, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a steal at $14.99.
Valve  didn’t get famous for making a slew of modern warfare clones. It may have been the first game to make modern warfare possible, but Valve didn’t really get credit like Infinity Ward did when they made Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. But Modern Warfare (and Black Ops and all those other ones) pale in comparison to the intense, competitive multiplayer gameplay of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.
Make sure to check back soon for a full review of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. But you can bet money it will be favorable. Follow Sam on twitter @samcar455

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