The Return of Allen Iverson; 2K Releases Screenshots of Legends

2K Games releases screenshots of Legends to be included in this years edition of NBA 2K13. Including, for the first time ever, Allen Iverson.

Photo from 2K Games

Legends mode has become synonymous with the ‘NBA 2K13’ franchise since it’s induction with the “Jordan Challenge” in ‘NBA 2K11’. Here are the screenshots that 2K has released in all their classic-basketball-superstar glory.

Wilt “The Stilt” Chamberlin dunking on suckers. – Photo from 2K Games
Shawn Kemp doing what he knows best. Well, aside from eating everything in sight. – Photo by 2K Games
Shaq Fu will dunk on you. – Photo by 2K Games
Alonzo Mourning looking good backing down on the post. – Photo by 2K Games
Scottie Pippen. That is all. – Photo by 2K Games

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