Thank You and Rest In Peace Michael Clarke Duncan

Dustin reflects on the too-short career of actor Michael Clark Duncan.

Photo courtesy- Star Tribune

Earlier today, it was announced that Michael Clarke Duncan, star of many films, had passed away at the age of 54. He had been in and out of hospitals after a heart attack earlier in the year that he never truly recovered from.

This news is particularly upsetting to me as I’m sure it is to many who are fans of film, Duncan never really got the chance to headline his own film franchise, but he always made even the slightest parts in the worst movies memorable.

That he started acting after he had turned 30 makes his body of work even more impressive.

Most will remember him for his Oscar-nominated role as John Coffey in the 1999 movie “The Green Mile.” In it, he played a man wrongfully accused of heinous crimes that landed him on death row. The performance captures Duncan’s charm perfectly, a gentle giant who can go from intimidating you with his booming voice and large stature, to breaking your heart as he admits he’s just tired of all the pain he’s seen in the world and in prison. 

Fortunately, drama was not the only genre Duncan was adapt to, his roles in films like “Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby” showed the comedic timing and style of a man truly just enjoying himself. 

He jumped through genres at will, going from playing the Kingpin in the film “Daredevil” to a roles in “Sin City,” “The Island” and even as a voice in the video game “God of War II.”

He also managed to stand out in a crowd, his role in the Michael Bay ensemble meteor-fest “Armageddon” still resonates with me most whenever I catch the movie on late-night TV.

He has two movies still awaiting release this year as well as a TV show that had been picked up by FOX, clearly this was a man just getting started to share his talents with the world.

Rest in Peace Michael Clarke Duncan, your legacy is as big as your smile.

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