Stunning Graphics on Display in new NBA2K13 Trailer

Earlier today, 2K Sports released another video for their upcoming October 2 release “NBA 2K13” but while previous videos have offered insights to the creative process and development, this video is a pure trailer that showcases all of the improvements and tweaks from previous years’ games.

In just 2:00, 2K Sports has managed to up the anticipation even more with a trailer that will satisfy fans of any team. Literally every team has a player showcased with stunning realism to their on court skill sets and tendencies.

Set to “Victory” by Puff Daddy and the Family, the trailer features plenty of its’ cover stars; Derrick Rose, Kevin Durant and Blake Griffin but it’s the broad scope of the trailer that should have fans excited. It’s clear 2K is out to continue to push the boundaries of what a sports video game can be.

NBA2K13 will be released Oct. 2, 2012 in the U.S. and available worldwide Oct. 3. Like 2K on Facebook for even more news and notes leading up to the game’s release and while you’re there, Like HefferBrew on Facebook or follow us on Twitter @HefferBrew 

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