Thursday Night Football: Bears vs. Packers – By Dustin Brewer and Cameron Heffernan

Week two of the NFL is upon us, and that means the return of Thursday Night Football. The football “experts” here at HefferBrew give your their picks, and also look a little deeper into this age-old rivalry of “Da Bears” and men who dawn big bricks of cheese on their heads to root on their proud franchise.


Week one gave us big surprises and even bigger flops. These flops, have been described, in great detail already. So, I’ll spare you. So now that week two is here, let us make our picks.


Dustin: Packers –  Before last week this would’ve been a slam-dunk, no-brainer of a decision, but then the Bears dismantled the Colts and the Packers look outmatched and just genuinely inferior to the almighty 49ers.

I’ve been flipping back and forth with it all day because while the Packers definitely looked outmuscled, all the Bears did was beat up on a rookie quarterback with no offensive line and a defense decimated by injuries in the secondary. That said, Cutler to Marshall looked pretty damn impressive nonetheless. On the flip side, the Packers had trouble getting in rhythm against that tough-as-nails-because-they-probably-eat-nails-for-breakfast 49ers D but that’s not the problem here. Rodgers and receivers will click and they will put points up like wildfire because that’s what they do, more specifically, that’s what Aaron Rodgers does.

Anyways, the problem at hand here is the Packers D continued to look weak and uninterested, making all of the “Is this Alex Smith’s breakout year?” conversations relevant, even Randy Moss got in on the action, scoring against the Packers D for his first TD in almost two years and after a year completely away from football in retirement. Last year, this wasn’t too big an issue cause the Packers offense clicked from the start and blew teams out enough that no one cared that they gave up the most passing yards out of all 32 teams in the league last year. This year though, the disparity between teams is a little closer; the 49ers, the Giants, the Lions, the Eagles and even the Bears are among the teams looking to knock Green Bay from their pedestal.

This is precisely why I’m picking the Packers to win tonight. The Bears D is formidable but nowhere near as young or terrifying as San Fran’s so this could be just what the Packers offense needs to get back in sync, even though they’ll likely be without Greg Jennings. It’ll be a shootout and those are the kinds of games the Packers are known for, not the defensive slugfest presented last week. Packers – 38, Bears – 31.

Seriously though, how can you pick against that mustache. It’s so glorious. And a little creepy.

Cameron: Bears – I was all prepared to write a long winded explanation about how the Packers run defense looked a little shabby as well as their pass ‘D’, throw some statistics around about how the Niners’ rushed for 186-yards and how Alex Smith of all people completed 20 of 28 passes with 211-yards and two touchdowns. I was going to go on and on about how the likes of Matt Forte and Michael Bush will run for days on the Packers Swiss-cheese-esque front-line and yada-yada-yada-Dustin already said this stuff.

Instead, I present you with a classic bit from the Saturday Night Live “Super Fans”. An interview shot during the 1991 Super Bowl featuring the aforementioned “Super Fans” and a journalist unlike any journalist that has ever been, besides maybe Marv Albert, Pat O’ Brien.

“DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA” Bears – 28, Packers – 24.

Season Totals:

Dustin 11-4, Cameron 11-4.

Dustin Brewer and Cameron Heffernan are the founders of HefferBrew. They live, eat and breathe football. Hit us up on twitter with your picks at @hefferbrew, and tell us what you think in the comments. Also, watching that “Super Fans” clip made me wish Chris Farley was still doing his thing. Big ups to Farley for carrying the things he was in. 

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