Bills Take Charge in Win Against Chiefs; Still Don’t Prove Anything – By Cameron Heffernan

Cameron starts his weekly roundup of the Buffalo Bills season with a stunning victory over the Kansas City Chiefs. There’s sarcasm in that sentence. You can’t see it though because it’s written.

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Yesterday the Buffalo Bills dismantled the Kansas City Chiefs, 35-17, behind a masterful 123-yard and two touchdown rushing performance from C.J. Spiller. The Chiefs looked outmatched by the more dominant Bills. But then again, the Chiefs would look outmatched against a Girl Scout Troop masquerading as a NFL team.

The Bills looked dominant yesterday. They looked the way many people thought they would look coming out of the gate the New York Jets. Against the Jets, the Bills were handed an embarrassing defeat and were allowed by an already-ahead-by 27 points Jets’ team to score a total of 28 points, losing the game, 48-28. The Bills waited entirely too long to attempt a comeback in that game, It was over by the second quarter and the Jets only toyed with the Bills, as if to say, “just because you spend a heap of money on an unproven quarterback, a defensive player coming off season ending surgery and a 32-year-old running back who went undrafted out of somewhere called Coe College, doesn’t mean that your the new top dog in the AFC East.” It was all quite depressing and who was at fault for these losses has been detailed on the site, here, and here.

Against the Chiefs the Bills turned their offense up to 11 and never looked back. It was essentially the polar opposite of what happened the week before. In the loss against the Jets, it wasn’t until the tail-end of the third and the fourth in which the Jets decided to let up. Ryan Fitzpatrick put the Bills into a deep whole early and they couldn’t find a way out of it until Darrell Revis went out of the game and the secondary coverage let up a bit. This didn’t mean much though, seeing as the Bills defense was more comparable to a screen door in a submarine, as opposed to a NFL defense that can keep your boat afloat. This week, the Bills game planned around not having Fitzpatrick throw the ball to the other team and stick to what is more his game. The short ball.

Fitzpatrick finished the day, 10 of 19 for a total 178 yards and two touchdowns. His longest touchdown of the day went for 49 yards; but don’t be fooled by the deep yardage. On the play, Steve Johnson caught a five-yard pass on a slant route and took the ball 44 yards for a touchdown. Most of the day Fitzpatrick operated on short slant routes and half-back screens to C.J. Spiller, if only so he wouldn’t bomb out an interception due to his wet noodle of an arm. I have personally seen Fitzpatrick under-throw a receiver so bad, that the ball bounced off the back of a defender trailing the receiver streaking down the field and into the arms of another defender trailing on the other defender.

Spiller was the major reason for Buffalo’s success on Sunday. Spiller ran for 123 yards on 15 carries with two touchdowns. He broke free on wide open touchdowns of 17 yards and five. Spillers’ fantastic rushing performance wasn’t the only thing the Bills had going, the Buffalo defense finally decided to show up this week too, forcing two fumbles, an interception and sacking Matt Cassel five times. This was what allowed Buffalo to open up the game on a 21-0 first-half tear.  The Chiefs also look like a really bad team this year, and their head coach is Romeo Crennel, so there’s that too. What I mean by that is he has a 21-46 career head coaching record, that pretty much sums it up.

Essentially what I’m saying, is that it’s really cute that the Bills were able to dominate what will be probably one of the worst teams in the NFL this year. But, when the time comes for them to play the actual contenders in the NFL, which they play a lot this year, including the Niners, Jets (one more time), Patriots (twice), Texans, and apparently the Cardinals, they more than likely will be a sub-par to average at best. They are easy to figure out and that’s not good in the NFL today. They have no ability to do anything else then hope Spiller can run for 150 yards a game and Fitzpatrick can get away with five-yard dump plays on every pass attempt. They play the Browns next week, which will be one of the more unbearable games of the week, but they’ll probably win. After that it’s the Patriots and an even bigger downhill slope. Maybe, just maybe, the football gods will be with the Bills this year. So far, it appears it will just be another season of disappointment.

Check back next week for my somber and somewhat realistic evaluation of the Bills season, and every week for that matter.

Cameron Heffernan is co-creator of HefferBrew and has been a lifelong Buffalo Bills fan. Check back weekly for all your NFL related stories and entertainment. Reach Cameron on Twitter at @karateparty1. 




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