Thursday Night Football Picks: Panthers vs. Giants – By Cameron Heffernan and Dustin Brewer

Cameron and Dustin make their picks for the Thursday Night Football game tonight between the New York Giants and the Carolina Panthers.

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Cameron: Giants – I’m all for Cam Newton and the Panthers, I think they can take this shit show of a team that’s been masquerading as a NFL football team to the playoffs at some point. I don’t see this as the year though and I surely don’t see them beating the “coming off a miraculous comeback victory last week” Giants. The Carolina secondary is at best decent, they’re allowing 225.5 yards a game though the air and an even more atrocious 175.5 yards on the ground.

Last week Eli Manning looked done for in the second quarter, he had thrown three picks, including one for a pick-six while trying to march down the field during the two minute warning. After that second quarter though and through halftime it appeared that Eli at some point sacrificed a whole pen of chickens because he ended the game with 510 yards and three touchdowns to go with his three interceptions. He was a big-dopey-passing-machine and he picked apart a semi-decent Tampa Bay Buccaneers secondary in the second half.

I see Eli doing the same thing to the Panthers except this time he does it over all four quarters, maybe not for 510 yards but at least 350 and three touchdowns. Final, Giants – 31, Panthers – 24. Both Eli and Cam have great fantasy days as well as Victor Cruz.

Dustin: Panthers- Cam Newton is an unstoppable touchdown scoring machine. Sure, the season started rough against the Bucs as they kept him largely immobile, but last week he got back to business running and throwing all over a Saints team that has disappointed in almost every aspect.

The Giants are coming off of one of the most improbable wins against the Bucs that saw Eli Manning throw 3 first half INTs and still recover by having the kind of quarter I have in a Madden game (over 240 yards and 2 TDs.) That’s all fine and dandy, the real problem with this Giants team is the lackadaisical defense. As a fantasy football player that owns this defense, trust me when I tell you they have done nothing but disappoint, constantly giving up tons of yardage and points while forcing few turnovers themselves.

The Bucs have an offense that’s still learning how to work together with rookies and new receivers in the mix and they still hung 34 points on them with Josh Freeman passing, imagine the more mobile and just stronger Newton. I think Newton has a beastly night and passes for at least 300 yards and accounts for at least 4 TDs (3 passing, 1 rushing) as panic starts to set in for the New York fans. Panthers – 38, Giants – 28.

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