Thursday Night Football Picks: Browns vs. Ravens – By Dustin Brewer and Cameron Heffernan

We don’t really need to tell you who’s going to win the “Modell Bowl” but we’re going to anyway. Don’t worry this ones going to be short and sweet.

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Cameron and Dustin: Ravens – This one is kind of a dead giveaway. Do you really think the Browns have a chance? Yes the Ravens have played four games in 18 days, but for real though, it’s still the Cleveland Browns and Brandon Weeden is still their starting quarterback.

Look at that face. Does that really look like the face of a winner?

There’s really no way the Browns are going to pull this off, old refs being back or not, the Browns suck. The Ravens are coming off a very close win against the Patriots and the aforementioned, four games in 18 days, but neither of those really matter when you’re a professional football team about to play what is, essentially, a glorified Division II college football team. Final Ravens – 31, Browns – 9.

This game is going to suck and so far the whole “Thursday Night Football” thing isn’t working out to well. That’s a lie, no matter how abysmal the game the fans will still watch. It’s a vicious cycle that will never end.

Season totals: Cameron 28-19, Dustin 25-22. 

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