Thursday Night Football: Arizona Cardinals vs. St. Louis Rams – By Cameron Heffernan and Dustin Brewer

The editors at HefferBrew make their weekly pick for the ever so exciting (sarcasm) Thursday Night Football.


So far this season Thursday Night Football has been totally unnecessary and just an absolute cash grab by the NFL network. Tonight is no different with the possible bore-fest that is the Arizona Cardinals at the St. Louis Rams engaging in what could be viewed as glorified college football on a larger scale. With that said, let us move onto the picks. Just like last week these will be quick because this one seems like a no-brainer.

Cameron: Cardinals – The fact that this is a division rivalry plants the seed of doubt that the Cardinals will lose. Then, when you think about what the Rams have in term of offense, you begin to realize that you’d rather have Kevin Kolb and Larry Fitzgerald as your inept quarterback/phenomenal wide receiver tandem. With Sam Bradford, he has the option of Danny Amendola, who is nursing a sore ankle and that’s pretty much it. Well there’s always Steven Jackson, but he looks like a man broken from all the years of carrying the Rams. Both teams defenses are formidable but the Rams are missing the x-factor that puts the Cardinals above them, Patrick Peterson. Peterson is an offensive touchdown away from being the most versatile player in the NFL, he’s a lock-down corner on defense and a constant threat to return punts for touchdowns on special teams. Peterson will shut down Amendola, or whomever is deemed the number one receiver tonight and both defenses will cancel each others offenses out.  I will be surprised if there is more than two touchdowns total in the whole game. Cardinals – 19, Rams – 10.

Dustin: Cardinals- I don’t think Sam Bradford has ever really gotten a fair shot at success, he’s always had next to nothing for a receiving core and RB Stephen Jackson has been injured the last few seasons, taking away even the one thing Bradford could count on. I have friends whose favorite team is the Rams and I (a hapless Bills fan) still make fun of them. I don’t like the quarterback situation in Arizona at all, I think it’s what will ultimately derail their playoff aspirations but the defense is an impenetrable force and on offense I think even I could complete a pass or two to Larry Fitzgerald. The Rams defense will give Kevin Kolb a hard time and TD’s will be hard to come by, but I trust Arizona’s D/ST to provide big plays more than the Rams. Cardinals – 17, Rams – 13.

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