NFL Week Six Picks – By HefferBrew

The editors at HefferBrew, again, give you their week-by-week picks in the NFL.


Hi everybody! It’s week six in the NFL and this week, much like last week, is one big toss up. With maybe two or three definite “the better team will win” games, the rest of the week has nothing but upset and “take a big crap on whatever pools you may be in at work, school and etc.” This week sees some decent divisional rivalries come to a head on Monday Night and some other games have the promise of us seeing our first glimpse of Timothy Richard Tebow getting first team snaps and possibly working his Tebow Magic and #chuckstrong. Let us move on to the picks. In the words of a famous Italian plumber, “Here we go!”


Cameron: Falcons – One team is 5-0, the other is 1-3 and ranked 27th and 24th respectively in passing defense and rushing defense.  The Falcons have been an unstoppable train of offensive destruction and that train won’t be stopped on Sunday. Falcons – 35, Raiders – 20.

Dustin: Falcons – Matt Ryan is currently your NFL MVP for the season, he’s got crafty veteran Roddy White and young, football catching machine Julio Jones to throw to and a solid run game that has been giving defenses fits all year to the tune of a 5-0 start. The Raiders did beat the Steelers for their lone victory this season, but the Steelers clearly aren’t who we thought they were (again, screw you Thursday Night Football, all you do is destroy.) Falcons – 42, Raiders – 17.


Cameron: Bengals – Yet another game where you’re literally picking between a horrible team, that’s 0-5, and a mediocre team in the Bengals. I would love to believe that the Browns are going to come out desperate and grind their way to a tough victory. That won’t happen though, look for A.J Green to go cray all over the place, like 150 yards and two touchdowns. Bengals – 27, Browns – 12.

Dustin: Bengals- The best thing about my fantasy football season thus far has been drafting A.J. Green in both of my leagues. Seriously, he’s about all I got so continued Bengals success is all I want. Bengals – 31, Browns – 17.


Cameron: Dolphins – Okay Tannehill, I won’t judge you anymore as harshly as I have in past weeks. You came out last week and passed for 223 yards and no touchdowns, but, you didn’t throw any interceptions. St. Louis isn’t able to run the ball and that’s Miami’s strong suit on defense is to stop the run. Look for the Rams to become very one dimensional and pass themselves out of the game.  Dolphins – 16, Rams – 9.

Dustin: Rams – Cameron and I are of differing opinions on the Rams defense, I see them as a top notch squad that handed the Cardinals their first loss of the season. I think the Rams can be sneaky-good tihs year, perhaps not a playoff team but definitely a team that surprises a few teams throughout the year. Rams – 17, Dolphins – 14.


Cameron: Colts – I’m not going against #chuckstrong. #chcukstrong is what won them the game against a good team last week; this week they get the Jets. The Jets seem like the perfect team to let #chuckstrong run wild all over on. Andrew Luck makes his case for offensive rookie of the year in this one. Colts – 34, Jets – 23. Tebow makes an appearance by the third, and I mean as a starter. It’s about damn time that we get to see the main event of the circus known as the New York Jets. TEBOW TIME!!

Dustin: Colts – The Colts beat the Packers at the Packers own game last week, Andrew Luck led a last-minute drive to give them the lead and ultimately the win. This could be the week the Colts run all sorts of Hulkamania wild on the Jets, forcing them to finally bring Tebow in. I hate the Jets and I’m even a bit tired of Teow after the punch to the face that was ESPN’s coverage of the Jets’ offseason, but now, I’m just chomping at the bit for some Tebow magic. Do it Jets, this is your destiny. Colts – 31, Jets – 17. Sanchez- 3 INT’s, Tebow Play Count – 14.


Cameron: Lions – Detroit coming off a BYE week and looking to right the ship against an Eagles team that can’t keep the ball away from the other team. Why would I pick against the Eagles seeing as you could make a case for them being the better team? Mainly because Michael Vick can’t keep from turning the ball over and I think a team like the Lions will make the Eagles pay for those turnovers. The Eagles suck and they just haven’t realized it yet. Look for them to come to that realization. Lions – 38, Eagles – 27.

Dustin: Lions – It’s about time the Lions got their offense back to the terrifying wrecking crew it was last year. Calvin Johnson has been slumping hard and the entire offense has been dropping balls left and right. The defense can also get back on track going up against turnover machine Michael Vick, likely one of the most surprising stories so far this season. Lions – 35, Eagles – 24.


Cameron: Buccaneers – I honestly have no opinion for this game. Both teams suck in their own right, the Chiefs don’t have a passing game but excel in the run. The Bucs don’t have a run game but their passing game is making strides. The deciding factor? The Bucs have a staunch run defense so by process of elimination and the fact that the Chiefs game plan is entirely to run then doesn’t it make sense that the Bucs have the advantage ? Buccaneers – 16, Chiefs – 9.

Dustin: Chiefs – Brady Quinn is getting the start for the Chiefs, this should spell doom for the team but then you see they’re playing the Bucs. The Chiefs secondary should probably pick Josh Freeman off 3 times and Jamal Charles is running like his life depends on it, so as long as they minimize how much Brady Quinn is actually throwing, the Chiefs should be fine. Chiefs – 12, Bucs – 7.


Cameron: Ravens – Is the other team still the Dallas Cowboys? The team that has, no offensive line, no receiver that wants to go over the middle let alone try, a running back that turns it on here and there, and one of the most overrated defensive coordinators in the League? Oh it is. Well then. Ravens – 21, Cowboys – 9.

Dustin: Ravens – I don’t even know where to begin with this so I’ll keep it brief; I’m expecting a Ravens whomping of Dallas with multiple picks and at least 4 sacks on Tony Romo. Ravens – 24, Cowboys – 10.


Cameron: Seahawks – I normally don’t believe in the 12th man or any BS like that. Seattle’s 12th man on the other hand though, I totally believe in. I also believe in Seattle’s defense; ranked fourth in opposing passing yards and third in opposing rushing yards I think their pass rush is enough to get in the head of Tom Brady, much like how they got in the head of Aaron Rodgers, Cam Newton and Tony Romo. Seahawks – 17, Patriots – 10.

Dustin: Patriots – Russell Wilson has been wildly inconsistent so far this season, home-field or not, the Patriots (and their surprisingly stout running game) are looking to erase any questions about them after a slow start to the year. Patriots – 27, Seahawks – 17.


Cameron: Cardinals – After last week’s ass-handling by the Niners I fully expect the Bills to just give up from here on out in an attempt to get their inept coach fired. I also am in the middle of filing team-divorce papers right now. I had all the hopes in the world for the Bills this season and all they’ve done is shit all over those hopes. The Cardinals don’t have much of an O-line right now, nor do they have a run game, they also have Kevin Kolb at quarterback and one of the best shut down corners in the NFL. The Bills look like they have everything going for them but let’s face it; they could barely beat a pee-wee football team if it came to it. Cardinals – 27, Bills – 3.

Dustin: Cardinals – I don’t know how yet, but somehow the Bills will find a way to fill me with hope early only to fall apart and dash my dreams for a win yet again. This sucks. Cardinals – 27, Bills – 13.


Cameron: Niners – REVENGE!!! That’s really all I got for this one. The Niners will be looking to establish dominance and the Giants will be playing the “nobody believes in us” card. Everyone believes in the Giants but everyone just believes more in the Niners, including the Niners themselves. Niners – 27, Giants – 20. Same as last year.

Dustin: Niners – If you pick the Giants, you’re dooming them. They apparently can only win under a perfect storm of settings; A) On the road, B) As a massive underdog or C) Both. The 49ers are on a mission this year to destroy everything in their path and I don’t think the Giants can stop them. 49ers – 31, Giants – 27.


Cameron: Vikings – Why even Ponder passing the ball? Well, because the Redskins rank last in the league at 328.6 yards a game passing, for the opposition. The emergence of Percy Harvin as a No. 1 receiver/returner/everything is an absolute shock. Harvin is 100% a MVP candidate if he continues his ways of doing everything for the Vikings and the Vikings could be on their way to a division title or at the least a wild card appearance with this young upstart team. Vikings – 23, Redskins – 21.

Dustin: Vikings – A stout Viking defense, a potential Kirk Cousins start for Washington if RG3 is forced to sit or even a potential less than 100% RG3 start could create a field-day for the Vikings, plus, that Redskins defense isn’t stopping anything, be it the Ponder-Harvin connection or the apparently superhuman Adrian Peterson. Vikings – 28, Redskins – 24.


Cameron: Packers – I’m pretty sure that the best team for the last three years is getting tired of playing this half-assed timid brand of football. I understand that the Texans are ranked in the top three in every defensive category but when does the most potent offense start to pick it up and make a statement? Wouldn’t the perfect game be this one? Yes, yes it would. Packers – 35, Texans – 17.

Dustin: Packers – I thought a lot about just completely word for word copying and pasting Cameron’s pick for mine and seeing if he noticed because honestly, the Packers are due for a 45 point outburst to reclaim their dominance. Packers – 45, Texans – 27.


Cameron: Chargers – I don’t really like this pick but I have this feeling that it’s “Peyton lays an egg” time. The Chargers looked great against the Saints last week and if not for a couple last second questionable calls the Chargers could’ve maybe pulled out a win against the Saints and be sitting atop the AFC West at 4-1. Instead the Chargers got jobbed and I expect the Zebras to give the Chargers a few make-up calls this week as a sign of good tidings. Oh, and I don’t care if its Peyton on a Monday Night, last time that happened he threw three interceptions and essentially threw the Broncos out of the game, and very early at that. Chargers – 31, Broncos – 27.

Dustin: Broncos- This game is going to be down to the wire and in crunch time I still trust Manning and his freakish repaired neck over Phillip Rivers. What have we learned? A) I don’t like Phillip Rivers at all. B) I like Peyton Manning a little bit too much. C) I need to stop leaving my computer open or else my mom will make my Broncos picks for me…. Broncos – 28, Chargers – 27.

Season Totals: Cameron 46-31, Dustin 43-34.

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