Thursday Night Football: Seattle Seahawks vs. San Francisco 49ers

It’s that time again, just like every week before the editors at HefferBrew make their picks for Thursday Night Football.


Two NFC West powerhouses go head to head in what should be a defensive clinic with both teams. One team is coming off a miraculous victory and the other is coming off an embarrassing ass-whooping at the hands of the New York Giants. Will the Seahawks continue you their uncanny climb to the top of the NFC West or will the Niners establish their division dominance? Let the editors of HefferBrew enlighten you.

Dustin: Niners- This Thursday Night Football shit has to stop, I was fully prepared to pick the Seahawks because, let’s face it, all of the games have been resounding upsets that defy all logic. That said, the 49ers are coming off of a ridiculous loss to the Giants that saw Alex Smith regress to the head-scratchingly bad type of QB familiar to Bills fans, so I fully expect Coach Harbaugh to reign Smith in and let the ground game run a little more wild. The problem is the Seahawks actually have a pretty solid D and if they are able to stop the run, the game could fall onto Smith’s shoulders despite Harbaugh’s best efforts. However, the 49ers D is bloodthirsty and rookie QB Russell Wilson has shown fits of inconsistency so any stalled offense drives could easily be bailed out by solid 49ers D. 49ers – 24, Seahawks – 21.

Cameron: Niners – 1. The Niners are coming off of an embarrassing loss to the Giants on Sunday and will more than likely be looking to cram the ball down their next opponents throat. 2.  Since Harbaugh took over last year he’s 4-0 after a loss; in those wins the Niners have outscored opponents 93-11. 3. Harbaugh owned the ‘Hawks’ in their two games last year, even though ‘Hawks’ running back, Marshawn Lynch was one of the few to eclipse 100 rushing yards and score a rushing touchdown, the Niners still put it to the ‘Hawks’ in a 33-17 drubbing on opening day and then a tight 19-17 win in the second to last game of the year. Although the ‘Hawks’ are ranked in second overall in run defense and 13th in passing I just feel that those ranks don’t matter when it comes to Harbaugh and the Niners, look, they were blown out by the Giants last week and I just expect Harbaugh to come out with a vengeance and make sure this is not only a bounce back game for his defense but more importantly his offense. Niners – 27, Seahawks – 10.

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