NFL Week 7 Picks – by Cameron Heffernan and Dustin Brewer

The Editors at HefferBrew make their picks for Week 7 of the NFL season and continue the countdown to Tebow-Time!

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Last week was a crap-shoot just like every other week that has passed in the NFL. The Niners looked human against the larger than life Giants, The Patriots jumped out to a big lead on the Seahawks only to see it slowly get chipped away resulting in a last second game-winning touchdown pass from Russel Wilson and the San Diego Chargers went into halftime with a 24-0 lead only to lose 35-24; it was rather pathetic. This week there are a few more cut and dry picks as well as some not so cut and dry. But hey, that’s why you read this correct? To see the picks that the experts at HefferBrew make.


Cameron: Bills – Here is one of those crap-shoots I was talking about in the intro. The Bills come in defensively ranked 20th in pass and dead last in rushing. On the other hand the Titans come in ranked 29th in pass-D and 24th in the run. The Titans are dead last in rushing offense though, but going against the worst run defense in the league that will be missing key defensive end Mark Anderson may be a positive for CJ2K to run the ball down the Bills throat. On the other hand, the Bills have better skill players in Fred Jackson, C.J. Spiller and Steve Johnson. With the advantage in skill players I can see this game being close but those players being able to swing it for Buffalo. Bills – 34, Titans – 27.

Dustin: Bills – I base this decision solely on the Bills D showing up like they did last week against the Arizona Cardinals. I’m cautiously optimistic as a fan because these are the games the Bills seem to love to lose the most, they should with all good reason, handily beat the depleted Titans squad that has Chris Johnson running like his feet have been cut off and Matt Hassleback under center, but trust me, there’s no such thing as a safe lead for the Bills. Bills – 27, Titans – 24.


Cameron: Giants – Normally I would be saying, “look for the Giants to lay an egg in this one, they’re at home, they’re coming off a huge win against the Niners and they’re playing a divisional rival who beat them twice last year.” The Giants do not look like that team though, the one that would get it’s fans hopes high up in the clouds only to come home in a pivotal division match and lay a big deuce on the field. This Giants team has a dominant defense and an offense that looks like it’s playing against pee-wee competition at times. Giants – 30, Redskins – 17.

Dustin: Giants – For fantasy football purposes, my fingers and toes are crossed for the Giants to hold RG3 and the Redskins to under 10 points with 4 INTs and a few return touchdowns for good measure. Yes, I understand this is unlikely but I have to try and get good fantasy karma any way I can. Giants – 21, Redskins – 10.


Cameron: Bucs – I still don’t believe in this Saints team. They’re more than likely going to be down a Jimmy Graham and the Bucs are a sneaky-good team. The Bucs are rated second to last in terms of pass defense whereas the Saints have a top-10 pass offense. This to me won’t matter to much; yes the Saints will get there’s in terms of passing touchdowns and such. Tampa’s staunch run-D is where I think the pendulum will swing for the Bucs. If they can force Brees to throw all day and not be able to move the ball on the ground I expect the Bucs to pull out a close victory. Bucs – 19, Saints – 17.

Dustin: Saints – The Bucs will likely run up and down the field all day but Josh Freeman has been known to throw late picks and make some questionable decisions when faced with pressure. If the emasculated Saints D can man up and force a few mistakes, look for Drew Brees to capitalize. Saints – 28, Bucs – 17.


Cameron: Cowboys – I’m only just picking the team that I believe is less of an incompetent offense. Cam Newton is nowhere near the Newton he was last year. He can still run the ball, which is great, but he’s a quarterback and it has seemed like he’s unable to throw the ball without it being picked off. Cowboys – 35, Panthers – 13.

Dustin: Cowboys – This is going to be frustrating for fans of both teams to watch because A) The Cowboys should win this going away and B) The Panthers will likely keep it competitive until the end only to disappoint their fans by letting it slip away. I don’t even like either team and still, that’s just heartbreaking. Cowboys – 21, Panthers – 17.


Cameron: Texans – Baltimore is banged up on defense and hasn’t been able to stop the run all year. Need I say more? Okay, good. But seriously, I play Arian Foster this week in my fantasy league and I’m just super pissed about that. Texans – 24, Ravens – 17.

Dustin: Texans – The injuries to the Ravens D have opened the door for Houston to lay claim to the undisputed best defense in the league and what better way to stake your claim than putting the Ravens on a pike and displaying it to the league? Texans – 31, Ravens – 20.


Cameron: Browns – I wanted to go with #chuckstrong on this one until I thought about how the Colts go manhandled by the crap-ass Jets. Then I thought about how Brandon Weeden looks like he’s hitting a stride and how the Luck seems to be, well, not hitting a stride. The Colts still suck and so do the Browns. What swings it you ask? Trent Richardson. If he’s able to stay upright and healthy he has just as good a chance of running for 200 yards as Shonn Greene had last week with the Jets. Browns – 33, Colts – 21.

Dustin: Colts – #chuckstrong. Colts – 17, Browns – 14.


Cameron: Packers – It’s cute to think that Rams are a decent team. I personally don’t think they are and they are definitely the weakest link in the toughest division in football. Three things that make me pick the Packers. 1. Rodgers and Jordy are making sweet magic together once again. 2. Sam Bradford is still the quarterback of the Rams and still has no receivers. And , 3. Both teams lack a run game so it will be a clinic of passing, which, I don’t know, for some reason I just see the Packers winning a shootout when it comes down to passing. Maybe I’m just crazy. Packers – 42, Rams – 13.

Dustin: Packers – Remember a few picks ago where I said the Texans have the best D in the league? Well, last week Aaron Rodgers threw 6 TDs against them. This week he plays the Rams. When you think defensive prowess, is St. Louis the team that comes to mind? No, it’s not? Big surprise. Packers – 49, Rams – 10.


Cameron: Vikings – I don’t really have to explain this right? I do. Well shit. Okay here, I’ll make it easy. Buffalo = crappy team; Arizona loses to Buffalo; Arizona regresses to it’s mean, which is crappy team, and the Vikings win, because they’re a good team. Vikings – 27, Cardinals – 3.

Dustin: Vikings – nzzmwjbctx-the-results-are-in-amigo Yes, it’s a line from “Zoolander.” The Cardinals are Zoolander and Christian Ponder is Hansel. Why? Because I love to think Christian Ponder uses the word ponder in conversation as much as possible. Vikings – 35, Cardinals – 10.


Cameron: Patriots – Every Patriot fan that I’ve talked to is nervous about this game. I’m even nervous about this game and as a person who really doesn’t like either one of these teams, that’s just odd. With most of the Jets secondary (Darrell Revis) out for the year I just expect Tom Brady to have a “step on their throat” kind of game. One where he just never stops stepping on the throat of the Jets. Patriots – 45, Jets – 20.

Dustin: Patriots- I have vivid memories of watching the Patriots destroy the Jets on Monday Night Football a few seasons back. I’m highly skeptical that the Patriots have gotten way worse/the Jets have gotten way better in that time. Will #TebowTime start in New England? All we can do is hope. Patriots – 49, Jets – 13.


Cameron: Raiders – HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, do I really have to pick? I mean for real? Who scheduled this game? Christ man, this one is going to be really bad. The Jags have  a semi-decent defense but they just have a crap offense. The Raiders are the exact opposite. I just don’t even know. Raiders – 10, Jaguars – 6.

Dustin: Raiders – Can there be a tie? Raiders – 7, Jaguars – 6.


Cameron: Steelers – Ha! The Bengals choked one up to the Browns last week and the Steelers coughed one up to the Titans. Both teams basically shit the bed against teams they had no business shitting the bed against. I take the Steelers because again, this is a battle between two crap teams and the Steelers have more skill players. It would be nice to see A.J. Green go crazy for 200 yards and 4 touchdowns but he’ll probably do 120 yards and one touchdown. Steelers – 27, Bengals – 16.

Dustin: Bengals – The Steelers have looked vulnerable all year thus far, apparently Big Ben twisted his ankle in practice this week as well. I think the Bengals have a chance to pull off an upset against a depleted and aging secondary. Bengals – 24, Steelers – 23.


Cameron: Bears – This game will be a bloodbath. Division rivals, the crappy but scrappy defense of the Lions, the Lions struggling offense, the Bears possibility of regression, and the possibility of the Bears being not as good as we thought. The Bears are 4-1, with their one loss at the hands of the Packers. Their wins came against the Rams (crap), the Cowboys (kind of crap), the Colts (crap), and the Jaguars (beyond crap, like the furthest depths of crap). I personally think the Bears are good, but they have been gifted an easy schedule. This game only adds to that easy schedule. Chicago – 23, Lions – 14.

Dustin: Lions – If the Lions D can come out early and force Jay Cutler to throw himself out of any rhythm, and if the Lions offense can pretend it’s the 4th quarter the entire game, there’s a good chance this will be exciting. Lions – 31, Bears – 28.

Season Totals: Cameron 53-37, Dustin 48-42. 

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