Thursday Night Football: Kansas City Chiefs vs. San Diego Chargers – By HefferBrew

Cameron and Dustin give you their “expert” picks for this exciting match-up between two powerhouse rivals… Oh wait, it’s not 2007 anymore. This game is gonna suck.

One of these teams seemed like a possible Super Bowl champion at one point and the other seem like it would’ve been a perennial playoff contender. Oh how the mighty have fallen. The Chiefs have gone from that possible “contender” to the laughing stock of the National Football League as have the Chargers, with their underwhelming 7-6 loss at the hands of the menacing Cleveland Browns last week. These two teams come together for what may be the worst football game America has seen in a while.  On to the picks.

Cameron: Chargers – You get Norv Turner fighting for his job the way that Howard Langston fought for a Turbo Man doll one fateful Christmas Eve. You get Phillip Rivers getting to play at home, not in the rain and with the booming sounds of San Dieagans either cheering him and his stupid face on or destroying him while his sucks-it-up all over the place. I really don’t plan on watching this game. You want a prediction? Spurs beat the Thunder by 8 even though the Spurs played last night in an early statement game. Spurs – 103, Thunder – 95. But for real though, Chargers – 27, Chiefs – 9.

Dustin: Chargers- All you need to know is the injury report for this game; Brady Quinn is out with a concussion. No Quinn, No Win. Even when the opponent is the hapless Chargers who were shredded by Trent Richardson and managed to only score 6 points against the Browns. Even Drew Carey and his motley crew of Cleveland-ites could put up 10 points against them. Chargers – 10, Chiefs – 7.

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