5 Quick Things About The NBA Season: The Beginning – HefferBrew

With a new weekly notebook, the writers and editors at HefferBrew give their opinions on the week in basketball.

From studentnewsie.com

With the first week of the National Basketball Association in the books and many fans of the Thunder, Heat, Lakers, and Celtics all scratching their heads, it is quite obvious that much confounding things are afoot in the Association. Let us here at HefferBrew become your weekly guide through all the 0-3 starts and broken hearts that week one had to offer.

James Harden is for real a number one option. The Rockets are very much off to a hot 2-1 start due to the “out-of-mind” play of “The Beard”. Harden has, through three games mind you, scored 106 points, dished 19 assists and grabbed 19 boards. He’s been good for 35/6/6 in every game. Meanwhile, the Thunder seem to be lost without their “bailout” plan and now rely upon the “Rec-Ball” tendencies of Russell Westbrook.

— The Lakers stink now; but will they forever? No, no they won’t. Off to a wonderful 1-3 start the Lakers look to be the same Lakers of old, and not the supposed new and improved “Juggernaut” it was too be. The Lakers are still experiencing the same old song and dance in terms of not being able to guard the point. Any speedy point guard can blast by Steve Nash and “generic-white-guy” Steve Blake and the addition of Dwight Howard. Howard, who was supposed to be a stop-gap for this problem, seems timid and unable to play the same defense he did in Orlando. The general weakness and “lady-fingers-style” of Pau Gasol has also been a problem in the paint, but look for him to be traded to Atlanta for Josh Smith like Magic Johnson Said on Thursday’s ESPN NBA Live, with Jalen Rose, Michael Wilbon and Bill Simmons.

The Celtics are still Old. But don’t hit the panic button just yet. The Celtics ran with the Heat on Tuesday up until the fourth quarter.  When the fourth quarter came around though those old bags of bones known as Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, and Ray Allen Jason Terry, paraded up and down the court with the same lackluster effort we have come to expect early in the season from the Celtics. I fully expect this team to turn on the “Jets” (Jason Terry Pun) around Christmas to win the Atlantic, take a three seed, get to the Eastern Conference Finals and get beaten by the Heat. Speaking of the Heat.

— The Heat are 2-1, but still seem like they could go 82-0. They trounced the Celtics on their home court. Then lost to the Knicks with unbeatable-emotional circumstances and an “only does this four-to-five times a year” Carmelo Anthony game in New York. And then they went to the wire against a fierce Denver team but still pulled out the win behind a crazy shot from Ray “Benedict” Allen. I don’t really have to say much about this Heat team because it’s already been said. All I can say is I hope Rajon Rondo goes just a little harder at Dwayne Wade the next time they play. For the good of the game of course.

— Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love are great. Like too great. The Kyrie Irving written and directed piece “Uncle Drew part 2” is one of the finest pieces of internet-cinema that has graced the United States. Old School doesn’t begin to describe. As Kevin Love says in the video, “you can’t see it, because it’s the step back.”

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