NFL Thursday Night Football: Dolphins @ Bills- by Cameron Heffernan and Dustin Brewer

The editors at HefferBrew are back with their look at the latest Thursday Night Football matchup between the Buffalo Bills and the Miami Dolphins.

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How odd is it that this matchup between the Bills and the Dolphins could be the best Thursday Night Football game thus far? Both teams are in desperate need of a win, though their chances for the playoffs are looking slim regardless.

Dustin: Dolphins- The Bills defense this season has been so disappointing, I think they just hired Mike D’Antoni as the Defensive Coordinator. On offense, Fred Jackson is out with a concussion after getting rocked late against the Patriots last week. Speaking of that Patriots game, Ryan Fitzpatrick is still QBing for the Bills, Ryan “I throw INTs in the end zone with the game on the line” Fitzpatrick is still under center. I don’t know if you’ll ever come across two fans who hate their team’s QB more than Cameron and I hate Ryan Fitzpatrick (unless you know some Romo-hating Cowboys fans, then it’s a toss-up.) The point is if I had to choose a QB named Ryan, I’d rather have rookie Ryan Tannehill, the Dolphins have Tannehill, therefore, I think the Dolphins have a stronger, more competent quarterback and despite a lack of star receivers, they come out on top. Dolphins – 31, Bills – 27.

Cameron: Bills- The Bills have better skill players in WR Stevie Johnson and RB C.J. Spiller, even with Fred Jackson out, if they see the ball then they have a great chance of winning. If Reggie Bush can pull his head out of his ass then he can run for days on the swiss-cheese Bills front line. Seriously, I think every team has scored a rushing TD against them. That said, I think the Bills use Johnson and Spiller and get a few more big plays. Bills – 28, Dolphins – 16.*

*Cameron’s pick dictated but not read.

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