Thursday Night Football: Denver Broncos @ Oakland Raiders- by Dustin Brewer

The noncompetitive Thursday Night Football fiasco rolls onward, as Peyton Manning and the Broncos travel into Oakland to take on the hapless Raiders.

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Are you guys excited? It’s Thursday, which means we get another NFL game surely to be remembered as either a one-sided blowout or a no-show by the Denver Broncos. Can you feel the excitement?

Dustin: Broncos- Last season, Peyton Manning did not play a single snap of football, he spent it rehabbing from crazy neck surgery after crazy neck surgery as many questioned if he would ever play again. Last season, Carson Palmer sat out the first half of the season as a disgruntled Bengal on his couch elbows-deep in a bag of Cheetos and watched as Andy Dalton took over the starting job and quickly erased his memory from the fans. This season has essentially been the Peyton Manning road to redemption, he’s surpassed every expectation and is not only the likely Comeback Player of the Year (it could possibly go to Adrian Peterson though, he’s a running machine) but also among candidates for MVP. I don’t care how bad these Thursday games have been or that the Broncos have already locked up the division; Peyton Manning is not a phone-it-in QB by any means. This is a Broncos team that is picking up steam and hoping to challenge Houston/New England in the playoffs, Peyton has too much to prove and Carson Palmer has “X-Factor” and “Glee” recording on his DVR. Broncos – 31, Raiders – 13.

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