Friends of HefferBrew:

In the first installment of Friends of HefferBrew, we introduce you to an up-and-coming clothing company started by longtime friends Scotty Langdon and Franco Mego.

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Hello and welcome to a new feature we will be running from time to time called Friends of HefferBrew. HefferBrew came about because two friends decided to create an outlet for something we loved to do, it’s gradually gotten more successful than we ever could’ve imagined and all we want is to continue to build. So, with this in mind we thought it would be a good idea from time to time if we showcased other independent ventures of all kinds.

When Scotty Langon and Franco Mego started, they viewed it as a creative outlet instead of as simply a chance to try and make quick money. For Mego, inspiration struck after a conversation at a Warped Tour with one of the members of his favorite band, “Of Mice and Men” who along with his band also had shirts from his own clothing line for sale.

“Talking to him was definitely one of the main reasons for starting ‘We Are The Creation,’” said Mego. “He was doing something that he was passionate about on top of music, which inspired me to do the same. The idea of pursing something you enjoyed to do soon there after turned into starting a clothing line.”

This ability to focus on not just one passion led Mego to recruit Langon and together they began work on what would be their debut collection, released in Summer of 2012. Shortly after that, they began work on their next collection; the Winter 2012 collection which will be launching December 8, 2012.

When it came time to come up with a name for the company, they used the unexpected idea to start a clothing line as inspiration.

“We never envisioned starting a clothing line. We both had the same mind set in chasing our own dreams; not really following what society tells you is the ‘successful path’ to life. We are all different people with desires and dreams that make us all unique. We feel that no one should tell you what to do, believe, or follow,” said Langon. “This is where the name started emerging. We like saying we were creating our own paths in life; thus ‘We Are The Creation’ became us. We all should create our own path in life and do what makes us happy. For us, it was making designs and coming up with new aesthetic ideas to put on shirts for people to enjoy.”

And despite handling all the inventory, orders, packaging and shipping, they maintain that it never feels like work.

“We definitely do not mind doing this at all though,” said Langon. “We hope for everyone to keep us busy with orders and not letting us sleep at night.”

All of the work hasn’t stopped them from already thinking expansion either as they look to start designing crew-necks, sweatshirts, henleys and polos in the near future. They also aren’t looking to keep the line exclusive between them, artists and designers are encouraged to contact them with a portfolio and ideas for new designs.

“The best advice we can give is to never give up no matter how hard the obstacles may be,” said Langon. “Know its hard, stick with it and you will succeed.”

Visit or check them out on Facebook to place orders and view the collections as well as for all updates. If you’re interested in submitting designs or working with them, send a copy of your portfolio to

You can also Like HefferBrew on Facebook and be sure to keep an eye on the site for all the stories, podcasts and opinion you can handle.

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