Utterly Fascinating: And On the Seventh Day, the Lakers Rested – By Sam Accardo

Sam hasn’t been a shameless apologist for the Lakers (yet). But in this article he works very hard to make the best of out of nothing in a 5 point loss to a mediocre Raptors team in the city of Toronto known only for its hockey (no offense but when is the last time you talked about the Raptors over the Leafs?) Will Sam’s credibility as analyst of the Lakers hold up or will his fandom finally boil over? Read on lamenting Lakers fans.

From espn.com
From espn.com

I didn’t watch the game against the Raptors. I didn’t think I even needed to watch the Raptors game. After the Lakers lost by 9 points to the unstoppable force that is Lebron James and the Miami Heat, I figured the game in Toronto would be no problem for the Lakers. My Buffalo Sabres were playing their home opener at the same time so I was content to watch that instead.  But oh how they proved me wrong. The Lakers are the best in the league at proving every fan wrong, just in the worst way possible.

I could start by offering analysis of why the Lakers can still win games and save their season and blah blah blah. But I won’t do that. No, I haven’t given up the season (yet). But if you’re expecting me to give the Lakers the effort to write a decent analysis, then you thought wrong. I mean, how does one even analyze a loss to the Raptors?! Oh let me see, don’t let the point guards run through the paint for a layup, don’t let players make open threes in transition, and keep the Raptors from shooting 54%. Even a toddler could come up with those keys to the game. (I listen to a lot of Lakers pregame shows.) When you’ve got Dwight Howard, Pau Gasol, Steve Nash, oh and that one guy… Kobe Bryant, there is just no excuse for losing against the mediocre Raptors. It’s not championship basketball.

So is the season over? No. I know every Boston fan is calling this one *COUGH*Cameron*COUGH* (and to be perfectly honest, they have every right to), but Denver has 18 losses, Utah has 19, and Houston has 21 (Portland has 20 but they’re at .500, so they’re a loss shy). The Lakers only have 23 and, if they play their fucking asses off, they can keep it around there. We’ve seen that they can play defense and that they can score over 110. But the Lakers are running out of mistakes to make and games to lose.

But the Lakers continue to make it fascinating. For me, it’s fascinating watching a team with the talent and star power just lose to teams playing with real heart and effort. It’s like watching the Patriots get beat by the Ravens (or more like the Bills getting beat by the Ravens at this point). There is something magical about watching a team who isn’t as good on paper actually find those chinks in the armor and exploit them for a win. And maybe the Lakers will be that. Maybe the Lakers will be the team where everyone counts them out and they get into the playoffs just barely. But just like the Ravens, if the Lakers get hot before the post-season (and didn’t suck as much throughout the regular season to get there) then it doesn’t matter that they lost to the Raptors on a sleepy Sunday morning. But the losses are still piling up and sooner or later, the margin for error will be zero. The problem is the Lakers have yet to play a game where they make no errors. But after all, to err is human. And this Lakers team has truly shown how human they are.

Sam Accardo is a writer for Hefferbrew. His reactions to Sunday’s loss have been those of shock, fear, anger, and laughter. And yet, he still has delusions that the Lakers can start winning games and salvage the season. Check back in for more Lakers updates and to watch how Sam tries to make something out of nothing once more. Follow him @samcar455 and as always, follow dat @Hefferbrew for riveting sports talk.

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