The Split Everyone Saw Coming- by Dustin Brewer

Chris Brown and Rihanna have apparently ended their relationship. Take a second to recover from the shock as Dustin shares a few thoughts.

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On Power 106 Radio, Chris Brown dropped the bomb that he wasn’t dating Rihanna anymore.

I know, I know. Shocking right?

All I can think about is the scene in “Pineapple Express” where Seth Rogen calls his high school girlfriend and she tells him she loves him so he dumps her for being immature and loving someone as lackluster as him.

There are conflicting reports as to whether or not they are still dating and this is all just a publicity stunt for Brown’s upcoming album that features a few collaborations with Rihanna and if that’s the case, then they’ve taken exploitation to a new level.

  • Chris Brown beat Rihanna mercilessly during an argument. 
  • Rihanna then became a symbol of strength to not stand for abuse and Chris Brown was vilified throughout Hollywood and basically everywhere manners and common sense exist.
  • Rihanna started with an edgier, more S&M tinged persona.
  • Chris Brown started Operation: Reconciliation with Everyone.
  • Chris Brown seemed to regain approval instantly.
  • Chris Brown wins a Grammy, tweets to the haters- I give up on everything (and the Grammy’s)
  • Rihanna is photographed with Chris Brown. Rumors run rampant.
  • Chris Brown and Rihanna reconcile. The whole world yells in anger at the stupidity.
  • The two of them act unapologetic about their relationship and all Rihanna’s status as a positive role model is thrown away.

So now, it stands at an “Are they/Aren’t they?” that only exists due to the morbid curiosity of watching this girl continue to alienate fans and peers.

If they aren’t dating and it’s because Chris Brown broke it off, that’s even sadder because it would suggest that to him there’s something worth ending a relationship over that’s worse than a pummeling in public.

If that’s true, Rihanna has to really think about her next move, being all broken up over the guy that broke her up suggests some real deep demons and that the edgy persona she’s shown over the years, masks something more.

In a world where Britney, Lindsey, Miley and even Bieber have all had highly publicized meltdowns, unless she does something drastic, Rihanna could have something far more troubling and far more permanent.


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