Explosions At Boston Marathon

The Boston Marathon was hit by two explosions, nearly two hours after the first finishers crossed the line. Three confirmed dead, over 130 injured in the blast.

Three people are dead, including an eight-year-old, and over 100 were injured, when what appear to be two IEDs(Improvised Explosive Device) exploded at the Boston Marathon, 2:50 P.M,. in Boston.

Nearly two hours after the first runners had crossed, an explosion hit onlookers and the remaining runners at the finish line, when an apparent IED was placed in a trash can and detonated. The device was remotely set off and it was earlier reported that all cell phone service had been cut off in the Boston area.

Details as to the motives and who or why are scarce and all major cities are on high alert. An explosion occurred at the J.F.K Library located in downtown Boston also. – This was later reported to have been an electrical fire.

President Barack Obama addressed the nation without any information as to why any of this occurred but offered a stern warning to whoever was at fault.

“We will find out who did this, why they did this, any responsible individuals, any responsible groups will feel the full weight of justice.”

The Boston Marathon, and Patriot Day for that matter is considered a sacred holiday to locals of Boston. A city steeped American history and tradition. Bill Simmons, Founder of Grantland and Boston Native summed up the events through his Twitter.

Best way I can explain it,” said Simmons on his Twitter. “Marathon Monday is sacred in and around Boston. You spend it with friends and family. It’s more than a holiday.”

The line for tips and information in regards to the tragedy in Boston is 1(800) 494-TIPS.


Update, 2:21 P.M. : Boston Globe reports over 100 injured, some in critical condition. Death toll still not clear, reports are anywhere from two to 10.

Update, 2:21 P.M. : Possible suspect being held at undisclosed hospital.

Update, 2:29 P.M. : Explosion at J.F.K. Library was apart of a fire and not apart of attacks, as originally reported.

Update, 3:31 P.M. : There are no suspects according to police. This is contrary to earlier reports of a suspect in custody at a local hospital.

Update, 3:47 P.M. : Reports on Free Speech TV and NBC News report third device found at finish line.

Update, 3:54 P.M. : President Barack Obama declares, “We will find out who did this, why they did this, any responsible individuals, any responsible groups will feel the full weight of justice.”

Update, 5:41 P.M. : Three confirmed dead, victims at critical condition are 17 and injured has reached more than 130 -edited at 6:06 P.M. From cnn.com.

Reports from NBC News that an 8-year-old was one of the victims in the blast.

Update, 6:41 P.M. : Authorities are saying a “dark-skinned or black-male” was seen attempting to enter restricted areas almost five minutes before the blast occurred. He is said to be wearing a black sweatshirt and supposedly has a foreign accent. According to reports from cnn.com.

The Celtics game against the Indiana Pacers, scheduled for Tuesday, has been cancelled and will not be made up, considering there are three games remaining on the season. The Boston Bruins game for tonight was also cancelled.

The explosions occurred around 2:50 P.M. Est., as nearly 27,000 runners were nearing the finish line. According to reports from cnn.com.

Update, April 16, 11:28 A.M. : Reports from the Associated Press and ESPN are that pressure cookers full of metal shrapnel, including BBs and nails were used in the blast.

The following is raw video of the explosion, and pictures taken from Free Speech TV.

Warning: The following contains graphic imagery .

– Video from CBS News.




All info, videos and photos taken from, Free Speech TV, MSNBC, ESPN, Philly.com, and CNN.

We here at HefferBrew extend our condolences to those who were affected by these senseless attacks.

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