27 Days And Counting – By Cameron Heffernan

Xbox reveals it’s plans to bring forth the next generation of console. Screenshot_2

Nothing more than that and this hashtag:


So, do what you’re told and “join the conversation”. Where things like, “What the hell will it look like?”, “Will they show more than just a friggin controller?” (Playstation I’m looking your way.) and “May I just spend my money on it now, without knowing anything about it?” will all be discussed at the proper hashtag. Those and many other questions will be answered, May 21, on Xbox Live, Xbox.com and Spike T.V. at 10 A.M. PDT.

Check back at HefferBrew tomorrow for Gavin Muirhead’s thoughts on the top-10 things he loves/hates about the next-gen and all the hub-bub that follows. 

One response to “27 Days And Counting – By Cameron Heffernan”

  1. shutup and take my money,, ( i dont have any, but if i did you can take it) i hear the new XBOX360 will come with a app that will allow you to order direct from
    Pizza Hut …. now folks, that’s technologly!!!!

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