How Much Would You Pay for a Jared Leto Phone Call?- by Dustin Brewer

After discovering the pre-order options for the new album from alt-rock band 30 Seconds to Mars, Dustin tries to wrap his head around the items in the bundles in relation to their cost.

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These days, with so many bands in the various music scenes, offering the coolest and most unique items helps a band stand out above the rest. Residuals from iTunes and other downloading/streaming sites in no way compare to what a band can make from selling the album themselves. To combat the digital age, bands have turned to offering pre-order deals on their new albums, usually, varying in cost and degree of awesomeness.

For example: a band can offer several pre-orders that can include; just a download of the album, just a cd or vinyl copy of the album, a sweet t-shirt and album or something else like an exclusive poster/sweater/flash drive/coaster set (what have you, etc…)

I’m all for this type of system and when a band I love announces pre-orders for their new cd, I usually spring for one of the flashier ones depending on what band it is (Hint: I’ll throw all my money without hesitation if the words Circa Survive or Anthony Green are included in the description) but a few days ago I saw a collection of pre-orders for an album that could forever alter what bands offer.

Chances are, unless you’re a fan, the name 30 Seconds to Mars is more or less irrelevant to you.

To give you a quick script; the band is an electronica tinged alt-rock group fronted by actor Jared Leto (American Psycho, Fight Club, Lord of War) and have enjoyed mainstream success with songs like “The Kill” and “Kings and Queens.”

They have a new album, “Love, Lust, Faith + Dreams” set to release May 21.

Currently, on their website they have 5 possible packages you can pre-order said album.

Tell me if something seems odd about these:

Option 1- Keeping it Basic: $9.99

This package gets you the CD and in a note in the description, it claims that “1 out of the first thousand people who order this CD will get one pair of ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND tickets and side of stage passes to a show of their choice on the Thirty Seconds to Mars tour! (Travel not included)”

Not too bad.

Option 2- Something’s Kinda Weird Here- $30.00

This package gets you the “Up in the Air” t-shirt that features a zebra and the band’s logo.

And that’s it. You don’t even get a copy of the album, $30 and you get a zebra shirt that better feel like it’s made out of lotion and get you girls like a magnet.

Option 3- This is Starting to Get Ridiculous- $54.99

In this bundle:

  • Love Lust Faith + Dreams CD
  • Zebra t-shirt that we’ve established must have mystical powers
  • 12 ” x 12″ that has “Exclusive designs” (Spoiler: it’s 4 obscured angle shots of animals

What can I say except at least you actually get a copy of the cd in this one right?

Oh and according to the site: “2 out of the first thousand people who order this CD will get one pair of ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND tickets and side of stage passes to a show of their choice on the Thirty Seconds to Mars tour! (Travel not included)”

Option 4- Hold On, I Must’ve Read ThisWrong- $295

When I hear the phrase “Super Deluxe Box Set,” I tend to set my expectations pretty high.

I should’ve learned by now. In this bundle:

  • 2 LP Vinyl copy of album
  • CD
  • A DVD with “exclusive, unreleased” content
  • Making-of Book featuring “100+ Pages of behind-the-scenes photos”
  • Lithographs featuring exclusive art (remember that lithograph from the last bundle? This is each of those obscurely shot animals on 4 separate lithographs)
  • 4 GB flash drive with exclusive content
  • Official Limited Edition Number Plate (It does not specify if this is a plate you can eat off, or if it’s commemorative, your guess is as good as mine)

Of course; “Three out of the first thousand people who order this super deluxe edition will get one pair of ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND tickets and side of stage passes to a show of their choice on the Thirty Seconds to Mars tour! (Travel not included)”

Not to mention this little dash of generosity: Note: 1000 will be SIGNED by the Band

Call me crazy, but I don’t see anything in that smattering of goodies that suggests shelling out almost $300. You don’t even get the zebra shirt! Maybe the last package will finally offer something enticing.

Option 5- I Was Wrong, Stop Reading. Don’t Look. Seriously- $999.99

I’ll get to what’s included in this in a second, first though, I want to share my disdain for the phrase “super duper.” It suggests a satisfaction that I feel is near impossible to attain.

  • Everything in the Super Deluxe Box Set
  • Zebra shirt
  • One (1) pair of Shannon Leto’s (Jared’s brother) Custom designed Drum Sticks
  • One (1) set of Triad guitar picks (It looks like 3 are in the set.)
  • Creeps Rocketboy Screen Print (I have no idea what this is, it looks like a poster of the album cover)
  • Notes From the Outernet production copy Vol. 1 (Again, no idea what this is, a journal? DVD? Clarity has not been their friend thus far.)
  • A very special personal “thank you” call from the band themselves.

There you have it. The most expensive drum sticks and guitar picks ever created that aren’t even pure gold and diamond encrusted, a poster of multi-colored dots, some type of production copy thing and a phone call from the band add $704 to the cost. I can’t begin to describe the thoughts going through my head at the idea of being charged $700 for a phone call from Jared Leto and co. The biggest questions are “What is personal?” and “How long exactly is this expensive phone call going to be?” and unfortunately, there will be people that can answer both of those questions.

Why this band has a reputation of being their biggest fans and having large egos is really beyond me.


Dustin Brewer is co-founder of HefferBrew. He’s all for supporting your favorite bands by pre-ordering albums directly among other things, he just prefers when the bands support the fans in return.


  1. i’d bet when the band does call ‘the fan’,,, it’ll be a “collect call”, that way ‘the fan’ can brag about being the first human to get a collect call from MARS, only the phone company can put a price on that

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