NBA News And Notes: Playoff Edition – By Cameron Heffernan

HefferBrew brings you the latest news and opinions on the drama that is, the NBA playoffs. We know it’s been a while, but better late then never.

Tell Me I’m Dreaming: Or The Little Engine of Basketball Fury, Nate Robinson – 

Nate Robinson has been called many a things in his NBA career. Cancer to the locker room, selfish, hard headed when it comes to adjusting, and never really gives it his all. None of these descriptions are applicable anymore. Nate “The Great”, has stepped his game up to astronomical levels, averaging 17 points on 50 percent shooting in the playoffs.   Robinson served as the catalyst in the triple-overtime thriller between the Bulls and Nets that put the Bulls up 3-2 in the series. And Monday, he not only was split open by the MVP LeBron James with a wild elbow, getting 10 stitches above his lip, he scored 27 points in one of the biggest upsets of this NBA postseason. Oh, and there’s also the factor that Carlos Boozer has shown up averaging a double-double in eight games with 16 points, 10 rebounds per-contest. Then there’s Joakim Noah, playing through severe plantar fasciitis, he’s dropping 11.6/2.5/10 with 2.9 blocks per-game. The Bulls are literally the “Island of Misfit Toys” of basketball and they have a puncher’s chance of maybe, just maybe, playing David and slaying the herculean Goliath that is the Miami Heat.unfortunately I don’t see that happening, and the Miami Heat probably feel the same. Wade and Bosh won’t have the same poor showings again; Wade only had 14 points on 7-16 shooting and Chris Bosh wilted the entire game, going 3-10 with six rebounds .

A Battle of Ugly And Nice Between The Knicks And Pacers – 

New York and Indiana have a blood feud dating back to that fateful evening in which Reggie Miller made an infamous choking gesture to, Knicks Uber-fan, Spike Lee, on the Madison Square Garden floor. This series does lack the pageantry of those classic series, but nonetheless, the styles of these teams couldn’t differ more. In game one, it was a slow-down, drag it out, type of game. ‘Melo shot 10-28 and J.R. Smith went 4-15. Game Two ‘Melo was 13-26 for 32 points and utter domination of the best defensive team in the league. On the other side of the court, Indiana’s fate rest in the hands of David West and Paul George, both are playing consistent of both ends, but role players have to step up for the Pacers or, they’ll be run out of the building like they were Tuesday night.

KD Is Not Nice; Neither is Marc Gasol – 

This series is so up in the air, as a betting man I’m staying the hell away from it. The Thunder look over-matched for long stretches, and then they look like they’re the greatest team to hit the hard court, ever. The Grizzles are a prototype playoff team; they grind out shot clocks, play the inside-outside game to perfection and have the best player in the playoffs not named Kevin Durant or LeBron James. As great as Marc Gasol is, Mike Conley has been a revelation, finishing one assist away from a triple-double, he had 26/9/10 and hit a go-ahead three that sparked a 10-0 Grizzle run putting the final nails in the the Thunder’s proverbial coffin. This series will more than likely go seven games, but who will stand victorious when all is said and done, is still up in the air.

Stephen Curry, That is All – 

No matter who wins this series, the nuclear bomb that is Stephen Curry has already won America’s heart. Curry can hit any shot, from anywhere. ANYWHERE.

Not much too say, this series will go six or seven and more than likely in the favor of the Spurs. Here’s two videos of the basketball genius that is, Stephen Curry:


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