You’re Doing it Wrong; Titus Young- by Dustin Brewer (Updated!)

Dustin takes a look at former Detroit Lions wide receiver and current all-around poor decision maker Titus Young and his latest actions of a questionable nature.

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As if his action packed day earlier in the week wasn’t enough, Young was arrested again Friday, bringing his total to 3 arrests in the span of 1 week.

What was he arrested for this time?

Allegedly, Young broke into a San Clemente house and was charged with burglary, resisting arrest and (drumroll please) assaulting a police officer.

This is his latest mugshot:

It’s impossible to fathom how someone so young and so talented on the field could be so troubled off it, but it’s likely he’ll never play in the NFL again, however, that should be the least of his concerns at this point.

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This is Titus Young.

Titus used to play wide receiver for the Detroit Lions, and after Nate Burleson was lost for the season last year, Young seemed to be a solid young addition to the roster and a good #2 to all-around monster Calvin Johnson.

However, in November 2012, Young’s relationship with the team soured; he was sent home after Lions coaches accused him of purposely lining up in the wrong formations. After that incident, he was declared inactive for the Lions’ annual Thanksgiving Day game and then, two weeks later he was placed on injured reserve which ended his season. At the start of the New Year, Young was officially released by the Lions.

On February 5th, Young was signed by the St. Louis Rams who desperately needed to beef up their receiving core. However, 10 days after claiming him, they released him once more, citing the need to go in a “different direction” before Young even had a chance to practice with the team.

Since then, it’s been pretty quiet from camp Titus Young, still sitting in free agency, many analysts insist that he’d be a great fit for a team, but his erratic behavior just isn’t worth the risk.

As if he heard this, Young decided to up the ante on Sunday May 5th. Young was arrested in California for suspicion of drunk driving after police spotted him driving toward oncoming traffic and making an illegal left turn.

For most people, this would be enough of a wake up call to finally start to get their stuff together.

Titus Young is not most people.

A mere 14 hours later, police were called to a tow yard after a report of someone jumping the fence.

It was Titus, he wanted his car back.

He was arrested, again. Twice in one day, take notes Lindsay, Titus Young is next level lawbreaking over here.

These are his mug shots, I don’t know which is for which incident but I’d like to believe the one on the left is the second one, where even he recognizes the ridiculousness of the situation.

So now as it stands, Titus Young, a 23 year old and talented wide receiver, doesn’t have a team to play for in the NFL and likely won’t unless the New York Jets/Oakland Raiders get desperate. 

It’s not uncommon for star NFL receivers to have some trouble; T.O, Ochocinco, Randy Moss and more have all had troubles, but they also stand as some of the best receivers of their time. When the talent exceeds the headlines, teams can be more patient and willing to put up with antics to a point, but when it’s an unproven and temperamental young man who has no problem sabotaging plays in-game and challenging coaches, it becomes a little less endearing.

Only time will tell where Titus Young plays again, if it’s in the NFL or somewhere else, but whatever team takes the risk, we’ll certainly hear about it.

Dustin Brewer is co-founder of HefferBrew. As a former fantasy owner and a Lions fan, he’s extra disappointed in Young’s current career path. Share your thoughts on this and other questionable sports behavior in the comments or at or on Twitter @HefferBrew. 

2 responses to “You’re Doing it Wrong; Titus Young- by Dustin Brewer (Updated!)”

  1. This is ridiculous! I hope they hold him accountable for his actions just like they would me or you! Unfortunately, I think he will end up back in the league with a job.

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