What’re They Up To Now: O.J. Simpson – By Gavin Muirhead

He’s a suspected murderer, a definite convicted thief – whether he was stealing his stuff back or not – and a former NFL great. We ask the hard questions here. like, “What the hell is going on with Orenthal James Simpson?


The Juice is back in court today for an appeal hearing stemming from his 2007 arrest for trying to steal his own memorabilia from a couple guys in a Las Vegas hotel.

Normally, this isn’t news – but the picture released by the Nevada courts of Mr. Simpson is worth much more than a quick word.

The old adage goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words”  – let’s test that.

Mr. Simpson pictured here:


This just screams “completely sane” doesn’t it? I mean, the look on his face is something you would come to find on the Mad Hatter. It’s almost too scary how aware he is of his insanity; like some mix of an African-American Ted Bundy and Trix the Rabbit.

O.J. is due for parole in 2017, so chances are he will live to see himself a free man again. From the looks of it though, he might not want to leave. After easily stacking another thirty pounds of tax payer funded flab on his once formidable body, having just received the best blowie ever from cellmate Bruce and undoubtedly being broke from years of legal trouble – we can only hope for some sparks to fly before he goes back to jail in 2018.

Does that face say anything but “completely reformed, and ready to be a contributing member of society?” I certainly think it does


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