A Look At The Trailer For GTA V – By Cameron Heffernan

This doesn’t need much introduction… I mean, come on, it’s Grand Theft Auto.


It’s a game that needs no real introduction; like Mario, Zelda and Metal Gear, GTA is synonymous with gamers across the world. We swoon at the ability to steal cars, murder thousands and supposedly play it for the storyline. The newest trailer for V is what sits above this paragraph. Now, when you’re done watching the first trailer, you can click on the same video to watch the next part of the three-part saga that is GTA V.

Note: This would have screen shots, but I got a new computer and haven’t downloaded any of my tools. Sorry for the lack of visual content. But, you have a video to look at, so yeah.

It details each of the three main characters, starting with Michael. Appearing to be a white collar ex-criminal, Michael seems stuck in a repetitive, mundane and extremely shitty life. Alluded by a scene in which it appears you have to chase down the adulterer who was just painted the inside of your wife’s walls – if you catch my drift. All of this while “Radio Gaga” plays, pretty awesome.

Franklin, the second character, is… of course, the African-American  inner-city influence appearing to be a gang member and “thug”, who Is looking to get out of the life and gain some riches. I’m glad Rockstar is able to not play to stereotypes, maybe just once they could have an African-American who isn’t a gang member/master criminal. Like C.J. from San Andreas.

Then, there’s Trevor. What appears to be the distant cousin of Sid – the grave robber from Red Dead Redemption. At one point, Trevor threatens someone with the fact that he will “pull out his dick, again” – whether this is an attack you can make in the game, is unclear.

It appears ‘V’ will play out each individual story – in which supposedly you can cut literally from one character to another at the press of a button – then you’ll come together with the three to form a sort-of Voltron of robbery, murder and most likely some drug use. Sounds pretty freaking sweet.

One unfortunate note, Take-Two Interactive and Rockstar Games announced that there will be no GTA V at E3 2013, which it appears at this point, that it shall be slim pickings’ at E3 when it comes to things that aren’t Destiny or a new console announcement.

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