The Equation to ‘Pacific Rim’- by Dustin Brewer

While watching the trailer to “Pacific Rim” on a continuous loop at work, Dustin realizes just exactly how many influences can be found in the film.

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It was really bothering me. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it.

You know when you’re thinking of something but you can’t quite recall what it is you’re reminded of when you see something familiar? That’s been happening to me from almost the first time I saw the trailer for Guillermo Del Toro’s robots fighting monsters opus, “Pacific Rim.”

When I realized what I was thinking of, the floodgates opened I was suddenly overcome with just how familiar the action was.

Don’t believe me? Watch the “Pacific Rim” trailer one more time and buckle up.

Influence #1- ‘Godzilla’

At this point you can’t have the “Giant monster comes from the sea and wreaks havoc and destruction everywhere” without being reminded of “Godzilla,” the one that started it all. The radiated lizard who defended Japan while simultaneously sort of destroying it in the melee. “Pacific Rim” gives me that same sense of “There’s going to be epic fights involving gigantic, amphibian looking monsters and public property be damned in the name of an ass kicking.”

Influence #2- ‘Robot Jox’

If you’re familiar with the 1990 film then the influence of “Robot Jox” is quite apparent from the get go. “But Dustin,” you say. “I’ve never heard of this movie you speak of because I didn’t spend my childhood staring mindlessly at the TV and watching every bad movie I could find.” For those, here’s a quick primer on this gem of a film:

There’s a nuclear holocaust and 50 years later, two confederations (One consisting of Russia; the Confederation, and one consisting of everywhere else; the Market) have outlawed war and taken to settling there differences with gladiator style matches featuring giant mechanical robots and their pilots; the “robot jox.’ The biggest star for the Market is Achilles, but in his last fight, his opponent fires a missile-fist (!?) into a crowd that Achilles tries to intercept, however, he ends up falling into the grandstands and killing 300 (aka NASCAR’s biggest nightmare.) Shaken, he retires before fulfilling his contract. Will Achilles fight Alexander in a rematch? Can he get over the guilt? How can such a good idea for a movie be so poorly executed? ‘Robot Jox.’

Needless to say, the idea of man-powered giant machines doing battle instantly brings to mind the imagery of “Pacific Rim” that’s been released so far.

Influence #3- ‘Primal Rage’

What I was trying to think of at work, for some reason, I can’t shake that I’m reminded of this game every time I hear the trailer for “Pacific Rim.” The various designs of the monsters in the film bring to mind the various prehistoric fighters from the beloved 1994 arcade game. 

If you’re an unfortunate, “Primal Rage” deprived person (or, it’s before your time): ‘Primal Rage’ focuses on a wide array of creatures that evolve after a meteor hits Urth and destroys all technology and reduces mankind to a prehistoric state. The game itself is a fighter, similar to ‘Mortal Kombat’ and puts you in control of one of seven playable fighters.

Obviously, there won’t be giant apes in “Pacific Rim” (unless it really is going to be the greatest movie ever) but various monsters involved in a fight for the fate of the Earth describes the plot of both the film and “Primal Rage” quite neatly.






Dustin Brewer is co-creator of HefferBrew. He’s unbelievably excited for the special effects orgy that is “Pacific Rim” and that it will remind him of childhood is just an added bonus. Follow HefferBrew on Twitter @HefferBrew and Like Us on Facebook.comHefferBrew

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