Microsoft Presents: Xbox One – By Cameron Heffernan

Though the name is plain. Microsoft is promising something huge with it’s Xbox One.


Much like Sony did, Microsoft revealed its next-gen console. Unlike PS4, Microsoft showed us the thing.

Xbox One, will offer voice activation and three separate operating systems all in one system. With voice activation, you’re now able to turn on the Xbox, just by simply saying “Xbox on”. Xbox One will be able to instantly stream movies, play live television, obviously play video games, and offer an upgraded experience with Kinect, including more gestures, the aforementioned improved voice activation and in game multi-app functionality.

Xbox One is set to launch with five-billion transistors, 8GB of Ram, and Blu-Ray. As well, it will include the three new operating systems, which will be an upgraded Xbox operating system, Windows 8 and a connecting operating system, which allows you to run both the Xbox OS and the Windows 8 OS. You’ll be able to watch live T.V., play video games, Skype, keep up with your fantasy team, and browse the internet, all at the same time, with Snapmode. Windows 8 owners already have experience with this type of systems.

Xbox is also working exclusively with Electronic Arts, developing a new gaming engine. EA Sports “Ignite” is supposed to add multiple amounts of depth to character motion in their various franchises giving it a more realistic feel. Something EA has seemed to promise every year.

Xbox Live on Xbox One will launch with 300,000 dedicated servers as opposed to the 15,000 it currently sits at with its already successful Xbox Live.

The New Call of Duty “Ghosts” will launch exclusively for Xbox One, first. Thus putting a stranglehold on everything for Xbox and Microsoft.

Check back with HefferBrew throughout the day as we continue our coverage on the Xbox One reveal.

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