Review: Planet Acetate Compilation #1 Feat. Dan Clare – By Gavin Muirhead

We just got our hands on the Planet Acetate compilation for summer 2013, and we can’t wait for the next one.

Planet Ace1

With nine different artists coming together to create an album of music they truly believe in, and not just what the radio dictates – Planet Acetate might be onto something here.

With tracks from Hombre Lowdown, Paul Marshall, Dan Clare, Wez Saunders, SheriiI Ven Dyer, Tank Edwards, Searchlight, James Starkie, and Jamie Baggotts create one hell of a dance music sampler, but we feel a couple artists went above and beyond the call of duty.

Without taking anything away from the other artists on the compilation this year, Dan Clare is a sure standout.

His track “This Time” is funky and soulful, with a classic 90’s feel to it that is sure to please the summertime crowds looking for a nice soundtrack to their adventures. Crisp, with good transitions and a catchy hook provided by sampling of “Who Do You Love” by Bernard Wright, the house-heads should have no problem sticking this on repeat for an eternity.

The entire compilation is worth a listen, offerings from Dan Clare, Tank Edwards, James Starkie, and newcomers to the label Hombre Lowdown round out a fresh mix of good music fun to compliment the summer party scene well into the early morning hours.

Honorable Mention:

Hombre Lowdown – “Basslift”, Opens the compilation with a solid, laidback track that is perfectly suited for a long drive down the coast of Malibu.

Jamie Baggotts – “Time To Feel Love”

I’ve become addicted to the vocal hook in this song, mixed in with a laid back beat, solid build ups, and a rhythm that grabs your bones, it’s the perfect way to close out the compilation and leave the people craving more.

We like to see the hard work these guys are putting in, making music they enjoy without selling their souls. We only hope they keep it up, so we can keep listening.

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