All Hail King PS4 – By Gavin Muirhead

We give you all the sexy info for the PS4 out of E3, right here.


This morning I woke up, and I was feeling brand new. I jumped up and was feeling my highs, my lows, in my soul and my goals. It’s E3 Tuesday in sunny Los Angeles, Only a small amount of smog hangs low and had I a light breakfast with no hog…

Did you manage to pick all that up?

If you are curious to know why today is such a good day, it’s because I just pre-ordered my PS4. That’s right. The Halo Jerk is rocking the PS4.

It’s an amazing little piece of gaming gear, and when you combine it with the tried and true method of having a game on a disc that you can give to your friends – it’s just the only option for a person who wants a console to game on. If you already have a DVR in your home, you just killed off 40% of the Xbox One. So the 60% left over is nothing in comparison to the PS4. Lump on top of all that, the PS4 doesn’t make you use the “Eye Of Sauron” to do things, and it also doesn’t make you “check in” while playing the game you just paid $60 for, before tax to make it worse. I was one of those people who “wooooed” when Sony made the announcement, then seeing Destiny being played on a PS4, I felt like a new car – Sold.

The specs have been beaten to death by everyone, including myself, so feel free to browse our other articles for the specs.

Editor’s note: We would add links but we’d rather you just scoured our sight and gave us the sweet hits we desire. Thank you, we love you.

“… But Gavin, why the PS4? TitanFall looked cool didn’t it?”

Yes. Titanfall looked pretty entertaining, but I don’t see it being a huge franchise like Halo is, and it surely won’t attract a bunch of gamers to a new console with a Mech Warrior-on-crack type game. Maybe I’m wrong, but probably not.

I chose the PS4 for 5 simple reasons:

1. Above Mentioned “old fashioned gaming style”

2. Destiny (by Bungie) is going to have more exclusive content on the PS4

3. It’s hardware and programming usage leaves the bloated Xbox One behind like a stepchild at Walmart.

4. It’s $399. Quick Math Lesson: $399 > $499. It goes against everything you’ve ever learned in school, but it is 100% applicable to this situation and the economic situation the world is in. You get something better, for less. (Here’s to hoping there is no catch.)

And lastly, reason Number 5:

Pay for online play. I love this. Being a loyal Xbox Live user for 7 years now, I have no problem paying for a service that is supported well, and since Xbox 360 is pay, it has had a better online community than the PS3. Paying for online makes people care a little more when they game and helps to weed out some people who hop in and ruin everything. It’s worth it, and with Gaikai and the other PS4 network upgrades, I think it will be well worth it.

The wait for November has never felt so long. This year I won’t be waiting in lines on Black Friday, I will be enjoying Call Of Duty: Ghosts on my PS4, and saving my Black Friday money for an Xbox One… Give me a break…Halo 5 is coming out, and when it comes down to it, all the reason and logic of this article goes out the window when a man wants what he wants. This is America, and as a good friend once told me “Both is an option.”

Editor’s note: San Dimas High Rules!!! Wild Stallions !!!

3 responses to “All Hail King PS4 – By Gavin Muirhead”

  1. LOL “eye of Sauron” is so real. You’d think if people dislike the government having their phone records they might have a problem with Xbox having the ability to see into their living room all day evrrrday.

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