2K Reveals WWE2K14 Trailer, Announces Cover Contest

After the cover reveal on last night’s WWE “Monday Night Raw,” 2K gives fans a first look at gameplay along with a contest that calls to the creative side of the WWEUniverse.

Last night on Monday Night Raw after a painful Vickie Guerrero, Brad Maddox and Jerry Lawler sketch, fans were treated to the first look of the cover to WWE2K14, the latest WWE game and the first being produced and released by sports-game giant 2K. Part of the cover is up top but you can view the whole cover here.

On top of that, they announced a contest for the fans most likely to be infuriated by the reveal that Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson will appear on the cover. The contest asks fans to design their own covers and submit them online through Twitter using #WWE2K14Cover and the winning design will be printed as an alternate reversible cover. Fans interested in participating can head to 2ksports.com/wwecovercontest to download the necessary files to start creating, though be advised that photo editing software is required. The possibilities are endless in terms of the combinations of superstars you can pair up but I was a little disappointed at the lack of different possible backgrounds or weapons/props you can add in as well (be real, you wouldn’t buy a copy of WWE 2K14 if the cover was Daniel Bryan leg-dropping a chair onto Michael Cole dressed in a singlet?)

As if all of that wasn’t enough WWE news to get you pumped, earlier today 2K released the first trailer (below). Though the graphics and mechanics appear to be almost the same as WWE13 (publisher THQ was behind the majority of the development before 2K was given the reigns) the highlighting of the idea of legacy suggests that 2K’s penchant for customization and MyPlayer modes will shine through.

Cut between live action promos and in-game matches, the trailer shows various wrestlers waxing poetic on “legends” and “immortality.” However, the most goosebump inducing part sure to get fanboys talking is the inclusion of Macho Man Randy Savage. “I am the Lord and Master of the ring” is a phrase every video game should include, and 2K is sure to entice fans even more. Coupled with the sweet Shawn Michaels’ toss to sweet-chin-music to end the trailer and fans have every reason to be excited to see where 2K will take WWE next.


WWE2K14 releases October 29 for PS3 and XBOX 360


One response to “2K Reveals WWE2K14 Trailer, Announces Cover Contest”

  1. I’m disappointed that it isn’t an active roster member for the switch to 2K but I totally get why they stuck the Rock on the cover, he’s the draw that the WWE wish they actually had from an active full time wrestler.

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