The Driftpocalypse: Motorcycles Vs. Cars Drift Battle 3 – By Gavin Muirhead

HefferBrew’s horizons broaden, with our first venture into motorsports. Gavin takes a look at The Driftpocalypse.


Officer Dan is back on the beat this week, in Drift 3: The Driftpocalypse. Brought out by Icon and Monster Energy, the “Drift” series highlights the insanely fun and often comical world of drifting and motorsports. After the smashing success of Drift 2, Ernie Vigil, Nick Brocha and Officer Dan Brockett couldn’t stay away any longer, months of filming and training, the pain of drivers ass in a Recaro and countless sets of tires – Drift 3 is upon us.

This time, things are getting a little crazy, the world has gone mad and the only way to get around town and do your grocery shopping is to have 500hp and drift your way into the parking spot of your choice. It’s lunacy, and the people living in post-Driftpocalypse times are left with a tire smoking obsession that only furthers their inability to drive normally.

Ernie and Nick are just getting released from prison after their run in with Officer Dan in Drift 2, and when they step to the curb as free men ready to leave their sideways ways behind them forever, they get punked and in true Fast & Furious fashion come back to the streets with a pair of 204hp turbo charges Triumph Daytona’s.

You may be asking yourself, “How the hell do you drift a motorcycle?” Simply put: Balls. There is no other answer for what these guys are about to show you.


Meanwhile, Officer Dan has developed what can only be described as an unhealthy obsession with catching Ernie and Nick by any means necessary. He quit the official police force and has become a dark, drifting knight of motorcycle chasing fury. He will stop at nothing to bring these hoodlums to justice, and the only way he knows how is to issue a challenge on hand written flyers thrown out of his window at high speeds – classy!


Ready to take crap from no one and bring down his life-long archrivals, Officer Dan brings his 575hp Nissan 240SX decked out with 22lbs of boost and 2 cup holders  to a nearby track to challenge Ernie and Nick. Looking to bring them to justice once and for all.  Unfortunately for Officer Dan, he gets some fruit flies in the meatloaf and has to turn his chase over to Buck, the guy in the truck, rocking 850hp and 1 million inches of suspension travel. We all know that’s never good, because Buck likes to…


Anyway, after a failed attempt at apprehension Buck has to tap out at the Mexican border because jurisdiction is a cruel mistress. As Ernie and Nick slide into the sunset, Officer Dan is hot on their trail and he’s bringing his Spanish to English dictionary with him.


What is really great about this video, aside from the spectacular vehicle work all the guys put in, but you can tell Monster spent a few dollars making this video out to be something more than just some guys doing burnouts in a circle. They brought in too many cameras to count, air support, a custom built Baja buggy police…truck? The point is, Icon and Monster really want these videos to stand out, and be entertaining at the same time. They are getting some major points for style right now.

As a motorsport enthusiast, I can not thank Dan, Ernie, Andrew and Nick enough for continuing to put out balls to the wall drifting exhibitions that are expertly crafted and comically genuine at the same time. Keep it up guys, HefferBrew will be watching.

Also, major points to the pilot of the remote Police Chopper, those skills are out of this world!

The Whole video is below, watch it and share it with your friends:

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