Always Keeping It Sleazy – By Cameron Heffernan

Donald Trump sued a former Miss USA for $5 Million, and won. Yes, you read that correctly.


Donald Trump is still a sleazy human being, in case you forgot.

In a report from, Trump allegedly has won a defamation lawsuit against a former Miss USA, Sheena Monnin, and is set to see a payout in damages of $5 million.

Yeah, you read that correctly. A “defamation” lawsuit, stating that the former Miss USA, refused to apologize for her remarks that the pageant was,

“fraudulent, lacking in morals, inconsistent and in many ways  trashy.” Monnin made the allegations after another contestant allegedly revealed a card containing the top five winners before they were officially announced. We all know that Monnin is more than likely correct in her allegations; as most pageants are just a sad excuse for men to curtail their voyeuristic endeavors. Trump, who co-owns the pageant, filed suit on behalf of the Miss Universe Organization (which is a thing, I guess.) when she refused to apologize for her remarks.

An arbitrator awarded Trump with a $5 million pay day in December. Monnin appealed the ruling, claiming that she had evidence to the contrary, that could prove there was tampering and fraud in the seedy world of degrading and judging women by their figure and looks. Pageantry.

Today, that appeal was denied – due to lack of evidence, and, supposedly, poor representation on apart of Monnin’s council – and Donald Trump, someone who’s more than likely swimming in debt – but would have you thinking otherwise – is cleaning out some poor woman who thought vanity would have been her elevator to the top.

The saddest part in all this is that the judge, J. Paul Oetken, said the monetary compensation was “devastating” but still upheld the outrageous amount stating her “poor choice in council” and lack of evidence upheld the claims of defamation and not her appeal of fraud and tampering.

$5 million is a lot for this so called “defamation”, maybe if she had originally stated that, “Donald Trump is a sleaze-bag child pornographer, and that the Miss Universe Organization is a front for child labor and drug smuggling,” then yeah, sue away.

But, this is yet another case of “The Donald” overcompensating for his own short comings, and projecting his insignificance on someone else. In March 1990 Trump sued a stock brokerage firm for defamation, after one of their financial analysts doubted the financial projections of Trump’s Taj Mahal. The employee was allegedly fired and the lawsuit was settled out of court. The Taj Mahal was bankrupt by November. He has a litany of other defamation suits – many of which come when someone doubts his business ventures – in which Trump seems to always settle out of court. Most of the doubts are true and many of his businesses have come close to or have filed for Chapter 11; at one point Trump had almost $100 million in debt and is still clearing a lot of backwards real estate deals on his Trump Towers and casinos.

So, you stay classy Donald, and please keep this whole Lex Luthor image up.

Please don’t sue us for this article, or the author. We used a hell of a lot of “allegedly” and “supposedly” just to avoid that. And your the dick who’s suing some poor pageant girl cause she said what we all already know.

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