Lou Reed Talks Yeezus – By Sam Accardo

We here at the Hefferbrew like to keep our opinions and conjectures in house. But despite that dedication to our own greatness, we admit that there are people who exist in the respective industry we report on that have great opinions combined with great insight. Lou Reed is most definitely one of those people. And when Lou Reed has an opinion on Kanye’s latest opus, Yeezus, we at the Hefferbrew listen.

photo credits: Left, by SHAUN MADER/PatrickMcMullan.com; right, by Raymond Hall/WireImage

Lou Reed is mainly known for being the principal songwriter of The Velvet Underground, and after quitting in 1970, he started his own solo career to mild popularity with the song, Walk On The Wild Side. While he never had any other songs that charted in the US, he still released over 20 albums and is still playing shows today (he was supposed to play Coachella last year, but couldn’t because of needing a liver transplant). On top of that he is revered for being a founding member of The Velvet Underground, which  are now considered one of the most influential “rock” bands of all time (and rightly so).

So with that history in mind, did you ever think he would’ve given Yeezus a second glance in the record store (they’re coming back! You’ll see!)? I sure as hell was shocked when my friend told me to give it a read over at The Talkhouse. After I finished the review and found out how much he adored the album, I was even more surprised. I mean, think about it; Kanye, the guy who was really rude to Taylor Swift on national TV and is now father to a direction on a compass, is not only on Lou Reed’s radar, but seems to be the most understood by Reed, one of the original hipsters. (Well, hipsters do love Kanye, so I guess its not all that fascinating.) To sum it up, Lou Reed is awesome and Kanye West is awesome, and when you have one critiquing the other, I enjoy reading it.

It’s no small secret how much the other writers & editors here at the Hefferbrew love Kanye West, and I am no exception. So go read the review, it’s awesome and it’s the only one I’ve read that manages to give the artist perspective (from a man who has more than once been on the forefront of musical innovation). The review also looks at the album from the perspective of how it will be thought of in the future, which is why Yeezus just might be Kanye West’s most influential and polarizing album yet (if not his best).

So enjoy that small free nugget from the internet, sometimes there are things worth checking out other than porn and endless youtube videos.

Sam Accardo is a writer for Hefferbrew and takes no real artistic credit with this article. He just wanted to tell everyone how awesome Lou Reed and Kanye West are. Follow his random opinions and actual artistic bs @samcar455 and @trousersnake if you’re into that instagram thing.

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