“Curse of Chucky” Has a Trailer…Seriously- by Dustin Brewer

After a 9-year absence from the silver screen and most people’s thoughts, everyone’s favorite homicidal doll is back, and we’ve got your first look at the teaser trailer.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been over 9 years since “Seed of Chucky;” the awful horror-slapstick film that had many genre fans (myself included) convinced the “Child’s Play” franchise was officially dead.

Imagine my surprise when I came across a trailer for a new film called “Curse of Chucky” and while it doesn’t look like it’s going to reinvent the horror genre but it does seem to be taking the franchise back to the more horror swaying first two films in the series.

The first 40 seconds of this trailer seem pretty uneventful; we have the obligatory child that will be receiving the cursed doll we all know and used to fear, as well as showing us that Chucky appears to be a brand new doll, if they’ll explain how he’s completely restored from his facial scarring or if this is just a big reset button is still up in the air.

The fact that the package he comes in has no sender also has me a little curious, I’m hoping that about halfway through, Andy Barclay can bust in and apologize for dicking the family with a possessed and murder driven doll. Also, I hope Jennifer Tilly is in this, even though all signs point to not even a cameo. Damn.

But I digress, back to the trailer.

At about the 40 second mark, we get our first glimpse of Chucky’s sinister side and the reveal that Brad Douriff, who has voiced Chucky in all 5, now 6 (seriously? there’s six of these things?) is back as well, making Chucky oddly terrifying like only he can.

While the trailer is just a teaser and footage is limited, we’re shown quite a lot of setups that could lead to this being the most gruesome film in the “Child’s Play” series. Quickly we see flashes of Chucky pushing a screaming girl in a wheelchair, an ominous display of knives with one missing, rat poison, Chucky running at someone and it’s all tied together with the line; “It’s a doll, what’s the worst that can happen?”

At about the 55 second mark, there’s what appears to be a ritualistic setup, which suggests that the plot will include the series’ staple of Chucky trying to transfer is soul into another person and not a doll.

1:00- “It’s time to play.”

The trailer leaves us with a semi-standard horror move; a woman with a flashlight is looking pretty terrified, however, she’s not too terrified to look directly at the lifeless and dormant Chucky doll. She slowly starts to move closer and closer to it, sticking her hand out and…and…wait for it…he bites the shit out of her!

1:12- whoa whoa whoa, stop everything. You almost got it past us Universal, you sneaky sneaky fellows. “Child’s Play 6: The Curse of Chucky” is coming straight to DVD October 8 and bypassing a theatrical release? What is all this hype then with the trailer coming out in early July? Why build the anticipation for a release that’s going to be sitting in a Wal Mart clearance bin from practically day one? I’m not saying this ruins everything, but, this is a major disappointment. I mean, how can we expect a Part 7 if Part 6 doesn’t even get a shot at the box office in October and let me tell you, as a movie theater employee, in the month of October it doesn’t matter how stupid and not-scary the movie is, if the trailer makes it look creepy people will come see it as much as they possibly can. This could easily gross 10-12 million opening weekend if it was marketed right and was released on a weekend uncontested with another horror movie.

That’s ok though, hopefully Universal Studios had a little bit of a gameplan and has a reason for this.

More importantly- I’m extremely interested in how this movie is. “Seed of Chucky” was forgotten before it even was released, it tanked hard and it tanked fast. Since then, fans have only been treated to Chucky’s antics in the form of a “degrade the audience with insults” show and hosting the “Haunted Tram Ride” at Universal Studios during their “Halloween Horror Nights.”

Chucky hasn’t been scary in quite some time now and as he’s stayed dormant and stuck in theme park purgatory, horror has changed quite a lot. The gore has been amped up by the bucket-load and found-footage films based around ideas that could actually happen have become what scares people into giving up their money opening weekend or on DVD.

So horror fans, do you plan on getting “Curse of Chucky” when it comes out on October 8th or is your interest in the franchise as dead as those slack-jawed mouth breathers in the film are sure to be? Let us know on Facebook.com/HefferBrew or right here in the comments section!  

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