SDCC ’13: Teaser for ‘Amazing Spider Man 2’ – By Gavin Muirhead and Cameron Heffernan

A teaser for Electro, the villain in the new Amazing Spider Man 2.


As the primordial nerd soup that can only be described as Comic-Con kicks off today in sunny San Diego, we are in a dark room with sunscreen on – bringing the news to you.

Earlier today, Sony decided to tease tomorrows, “Amazing Spider-Man 2” reveal with – you guessed it – a teaser. In the video above, we get our first look at Jamie Foxx as “Electro” – and he is seriously blue or white, we don’t know.

Looking like the twisted love child of Bane and Brainy Smurf, he speaks in a slow, raspy monotone that could use a little more of the “Voice-a-lyzer” treatment from the Nolan brothers in my opinion. Jamie Foxx has a very strong way of enunciating his words and his overall speech is.. for lack of a better analogy – a little street. So when you hear Electro speaking in the trailer it is creepy and menacing, but you can also hear the tell tale Jamie underneath, I find it a little odd and hope they Protools him a little bit.

I hope we get to see more tomorrow, with any luck it will clear up some of my early opinions. At least show us more than some blue body paint and a bald cap.

More Comic-Con news to come all weekend!

Editor’s Note:

Cameron – Hey, it’s famous newsman, Chuck Taylor, from the old Dave Chappelle sketch. Oh wait, no, it isn’t. It’s Jaime Foxx in what appears to be “white face”. Much like the awful and racist trend that occurred in the early days of film, known as “black face”, it’s the reverse. Foxx looks nothing like his normal, African American, self.

Whether this is Sony’s attempt to appease nerds – with an almost, “yeah we know the character is white, we have a black guy playing it, but we painted him white; everyone’s happy, right?” Wrong.

I don’t know about you, but this smells like bullshit.

This looks like a cheap play to appease the fans they know will piss and moan about a black man playing the character. So, how do you cover that up? Cover him in white/blue paint, attached to the fact that he’s powered by electricity, and you have the actor you wanted and no one can complain about his race.

I don’t want to be misconstrued, I have no problem with an African American man playing a white character, and I surely have no problems with the African American community.

All I’m asking is, Why can’t he just be black? Can’t he just have visible veins that are coursing electricity, like it shows he already has?  He has to look like “Powder”?


Whether I’m looking a little too deep into this, may be true. But, you can’t deny the fact that there may be a little dab of racism, if only to appease a medium that already has very few strong black characters?

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