Place Your Bets: The Next Batman- By HefferBrew

With the announcement of the impending super team up of Batman and Superman, the guys at HefferBrew each have a case for who they think should be next to take up the cowl.

Playing Batman is no easy business, it’s hard for an actor to capture both sides; Batman and Bruce Wayne. In fact, only two really have successfully done it (Keaton and Bale if you’re playing at home) while the others (Clooney and Kilmer) were merely a serviceable Bruce Wayne but lacked the intimidation needed as Batman. So now that Batman and Superman are teaming up in 2015 and DC is gearing up to attack Marvel’s comic book movie dominance; the search is on for a new Batman.

Here’s our takes on who we think the next Dark Knight should be.

Dustin: Leonardo DiCaprio

Why?: Lately Leo has seemed interested in portraying conflicted billionaires, both of his 2013 films, “The Great Gatsby” and the upcoming “Wolf of Wall Street” find him richer beyond imagination but not quite fulfilled. “Gatsby” had him pining for lost love Daisy, and “Wall Street” seems to have him embracing the unhinged, wilder side of him. Playing Bruce Wayne would likely be no problem at all for him, it’s the Batman side of things where he’ll have something to prove, however, those questioning if he has the intensity to play Batman, look no further than his role in “Django Unchained.” His character Calvin Candie owns “Candieland,” a slave plantation where he indulges in mandingo fights and has no problems feeding a slave to the dogs. His character is the most ruthless and vile character we see in the film, and while we’re frightened of him, there’s still something disarmingly charming about him. Watch this scene from “Django” and how easily Leo goes from hospitable to hostile and tell me he doesn’t have the intensity needed to frighten villains as Batman.

Cameron: Ben Affleck


Why?: Why? Is that even the question we should be asking here? It’s Ben Affleck. He’s an academy award winning writer, and director, he’s one of the greatest actors of the last 15 years, with such classics as, Phantoms, Jersey Girl, Paycheck, and Pearl Harbor under his belt…. ShitMaybe those weren’t the best choices for examples. But then there’s Daredevil…. Shit, yet again I’m not helping my case here.

Okay, let’s face facts, Daredevil was a piece of shit, but this wasn’t because of Affleck, more because of future Affleck beau, Jennifer Garner, and couldn’t act his way out of a box, Colin Farrell and their shit-show of acting. Affleck was solid as blind super-lawyer, Matt Murdock – was he Christian Bale as Batman good, no – even if the movie was a sack of incoherent dung. Affleck deserves another chance to be a super hero. Daredevil wasn’t a good jumping on point for Affleck in the hero game, he also was locked in the soul sucking relationship known as “Bennifer” and, can you really expect anyone to give a shit about life when they’re dating Jennifer Lopez?  After Daredevil, Affleck went on to do the aforementioned Paycheck (2003) and State of Play (2009) (He had other comedies, but we’re focusing on his serious films, then he wrote and directed 2010’s The Town, then the same with 2012‘s Argo. Affleck is riding the success train to pay-town right now, and what better way to push yourself into King Midas Money territory, then to jump on the money-juggernaut known as super hero movies, again.

Affleck has a chiseled chin, like Wayne, he can pull off the cowl, guaranteed,  and he’s reached a point in his acting career, as evident in the preview for his newest film, Runner Runner, that he’s gone into some form of acting chameleon, where he could probably pull off any part he wants. Affleck maybe has 4 years of this prime left, before he goes full Jack Nicholson on us.

Gavin: Jon Hamm


Why?:  I’m sure Cam has a wicked awesome intro for this segment, so I will skip that. (Nope – Cam)

Credentials: Mad Men, 8 Golden Globes, Adult Swim Credits, cheaper than Christian Bale (and Affleck and DiCaprio).

Once he throws on The Cowl, Johns 6’ 2” frame should easily round out the costume and add a couple inches to Batman since Bale is only six feet tall. He is only 42, which is 3 years older than Bale but still not ancient by any means, and has enough initial following to attract viewers to the box office. Paired up with Henry Cavill, who is the stereotypical Clark Kent, Hamm would portray the gritty Batman that Frank Miller imagined and do right by the character. If I can’t have Christian Bale back, well..

My Photoshop skills say the rest:


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