Watch This Video- “Kanye West and Travi$ Scott” Edition- by Dustin Brewer

We here at HefferBrew love all things Kanye West and a video of West surprise performing “New Slaves” at a recent Travi$ Scott show in LA has done nothing but make our love stronger.

The video is above and there’s really not too much else to say but seeing stuff like this from Kanye is fantastic. Sometimes, it can be lost among the stories of his outbursts at paparazzi and his less than politically correct demeanor but it’s clear that first and foremost, he’s an artist. It’s always seemed like Kanye never lost sight of or respect for his fans and the crowd’s out of control reaction gives me chills with each view.

Travi$ plays everything off quite well too, building up the drama until finally, West hits the stage and puts everyone in the room into a frenzy, Scott included.

Watch it, enjoy and look at the awe that Kanye inspires no matter where he goes.

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