And the Next Batman Is…


We take a quick look at what this could mean and celebrate the fact that we (ahem, Cameron at least) called it.

Numerous outlets are reporting that Ben Affleck has agreed to take up the cowl and replace Christian Bale for 2015’s Superman/Batman on screen team up in what is speculated to be “Man of Steel 2.”

The move is not all that surprising given that Affleck just delivered a slew of awards, not to mention a Best Picture Oscar to the studio with “Argo,” Affleck is a hot commodity right now not only as an actor, but as a director. Zack Snyder is still confirmed to direct the sequel but Affleck’s presence could prove to be a big asset.

About a month ago, we here at HefferBrew laid down predictions for who would get the cowl next and looking back, Cameron (who picked Affleck) clearly saw what the studio saw.

Affleck is riding the success train to pay-town right now, and what better way to push yourself into King Midas Money territory, then to jump on the money-juggernaut known as super hero movies, again. Affleck has a chiseled chin, like Wayne, he can pull off the cowl, guaranteed,  and he’s reached a point in his acting career, as evident in the preview for his newest film, Runner Runner, that he’s gone into some form of acting chameleon, where he could probably pull off any part he wants.- Cameron Heffernan.

It’s fitting that 10 years after the debacle that was “Daredevil,” Affleck will get another crack at the superhero genre. He’s grown immensely as an actor, filmmaker and has all sorts of appeal to audiences and could attract other huge names to the DC film universe.

Stay tuned to HefferBrew for all the latest on this story.

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