HefferBrew Book Corner- Mac Lethal’s “Texts from Bennett” – by Gavin Muirhead

In our first ever installment of “HefferBrew Book Corner,” we dive into the upcoming title “Texts From Bennett” from Author, Rapper, and Beer Aficionado, Mac Lethal.


Some of you may be familiar with the above mentioned Bennett, from the hugely popular Tumblr bearing the same moniker. (If not, educate yourself here: http://textsfrombennett.tumblr.com/)

Others of you are maybe here because you are familiar with Mac Lethal and saw him make a song about pancakes, if this option is correct – welcome, buy his book and enjoy.

To those of us who know Mac beyond his YouTube channel and outside of Tumblr, we know him to be one of the more conscious and “human” of rappers making a living on their rhymes today. You don’t find themes like “Bangin’ in the trap” or “moving coke by the boatload” on Mac’s releases, instead you find things like his favorite selection of beer and even better; what beer to pair with braised beef and the song you are about to enjoy.

He raps about how the weather can alter your mood and how odd things make you look back at those you’ve lost, most importantly – he is not ashamed of driving around a Nissan Sentra even though he’s hit the “successful” level. You get a sense that Mac is just a regular guy who had a love for hip-hop growing up and decided to throw himself at it like Kim Kardashian to a TV camera.

So, when I heard Mr. Lethal was putting out a book based on his relationship with his cousin Bennett, I was admittedly apprehensive – I’m not that huge on the Tumblr personally, and I don’t care for the fast raps beyond them being entertaining but like a responsible HefferBrew writer- I had to investigate.

After securing a copy of “Texts From Bennett” I dove right in. The first thing you notice is a cell phone with a series of text messages displayed on the pages after the legal jargon. Crudely typed messages sent from “Bennett” to a properly replying Mac Lethal follow and it seemed to me that I was about to be reading a never ending stream of text messages and half of them were written by a child who had been hit in the face with a brick before starting school…

Happily, I turned the page and found an actual book lay before me. Having listened to Mac for a while now I am no stranger to the craziness he sometimes finds himself in and “Text’s from Bennett” kicks off right in the middle of a whirlwind of problems his infamous cousin has thrust upon him.

As he deals with the ever evolving situations he and his family get into, Mac always seems to strike a common theme, – “Good” people are the ones that are good to you. Someone may be addicted to drugs, or a complete thug – but they can always have a good heart, others can be properly educated and well off, but still be a trampy troll closet racist.

I’ll be honest, through the many laughs “Texts From Bennett” brought to me, and the utterly insane and hard to believe storyline it holds, I find myself unable to rid my mind of one image laid out so perfectly:

 … I turned off my phone and put it in the storage fold attached to the seat directly in front of me. A baby boy was looking back at me through the seats, so I put my hands over my face, waited for a second, then split them, making a funny face. He just stared at me. What a dickhead. Babies have no grasp of social contract, if he did it to me, I’d go “hahaha!” even if he was an ugly little cuss.It’s polite. But nooo, he’s a little baby who thinks he has carte blanche, so he gets to make me feel like a jerk.

I hate kids for the very reason that they can be so “fuck you” without even trying and it makes you feel like a dumbass for simply attempting to engage the little bastard in the first place.

If you find yourself looking for something light and enjoyable to read on the toilet in the morning, I wholeheartedly suggest picking up “Texts from Bennett.” It’s will be the best $9 you’ll ever spend, partly for the hilarious and at times strikingly graphic story, and the fact that you get Mac Lethal’s new album for free when you order the book. Snag it from Amazon right here:http://bit.ly/xqklo

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Also, visit the Mac Lethal and Black Clover Merch site to show some more support and grab a grinder.. for me. Some chicc named Mercedes jacced mine.


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