What’s In A Name ?: Ruling Your Fantasy League In Style – By Dustin Brewer and Gavin Muirhead

We bring you our top choices for fantasy football team names. You’re welcome.

from Married With Children
from Married With Children

With about a week to go before the start of the NFL season, millions of fans are drafting their hopefully unstoppable fantasy football team. However, as important as drafting a good team is, naming said team can sometimes be a battle in its’ own. An instant classic team name can make an awful season just that much more tolerable. That’s why we here at HefferBrew have joined efforts to give you as many Can’t Miss fantasy team names as we could that will have your fellow leaguers reluctantly laughing as you destroy them week after week.

Level 99 Blastoise (Dustin’s 2013 team name, sometimes a name can have absolutely nothing to do with football but still exude an air of dominance.)

Zombie Odin Llyod (Gavin’s 2013 team name, if this didn’t have you laughing uncontrollably, you may want to stop reading.)

Forte Ounces to Freedom

Finkle is Einhorn

Brady Quinn Medicine Woman

Weeden Start the Fire

Weeden Need No Education

Joss Weeden

Stafford Infection

Charles in Charge

Belicheck Mate

Cutler Your Wrist

It’s Spiller Time

Call Me, Brady?

Peyton Your Dues

Peyton Your Wagon

Peyton & Gain

Dumb & Dumerville

The Welker-ing Dead

Westle’s Pretzels

Wes Side Story

Terrelle, No Pryor Offenses

Calvin & Hobbes

Marky Mark and the Sucky Bunch

Rexie and the Jets

1.21 Giga-Watts

Cruzing for a Brusing (Cruzing, Cruzing USA, Cruzing to Victory)

To Live and Let Addai 


In Like Flynn

Flynn Under the Radar

Some Ware over Dwayne Bowe


Over the Tannehill

Foster’s Freeze

Philly’d Up on Chips

My Schwartz is Bigger Than Yours

Romo You Didn’t

Great White Stark

Unloadin in Odin

Yo Gabba Gabbert

Gabbert Daba Doo

Speedy Gonzalez

To-Go’s Sandwiches

Pulling Weedens

Tokeland Faders

Hempire State of Mind

French Montana

The Human Kangaroo (Google former Arizona Cardinals QB John Skelton and tell us he doesn’t look like a human kangaroo.)

Wacka Flacco Flame

Flacc Jacket

Maclin on Chicks

Jankow in the Morning

I’m Sorry Fred Jackson

2054 Super Bowl Champion Buffalo Bills

Chris Collinsworthless

Bradford and Sons

T.Y. on the Radio

And….. When we informed Cameron about our idea for names, this was all he came up with:

The Cunt PuntersSimple, effective and gets the point across. I will cunt punt your team into oblivion.

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